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Tips on How to Look Sexy by Fashion Tube Website

Become more sexy than before tips brought to you by the fashion tube website known as Sexy Finally, the most awaited tips for girls, teens and women. Follow these tips and you will look sexier and feel younger than before. Stay tuned to the fashion tube website for more information about fashion tips, videos, shows and celebrities talks.

1. Wear something in an unexpected way

Scarlett Johansson

It doesn’t have to be a huge statement like wearing a jacket backwards; subtle alterations pack the chicest punch. For example, take a basic man’s white shirt (slightly over sized), unbutton it, wrap it so that one side overlaps the over and tuck in.) Wearing menswear is unexpected and incredibly sexy, like a tuxedo on a woman.

2. Wear red Lipstick

Pale lips may be trendy, but nothing does the job like red. Use lip liner for a perfect appearance, choose a creamy matte in a red that best suits your skin tone (blue-reds for darker skin tones; Orange hues for olive; true reds for blond es). Use a light hand for the rest of the face because the lips should take center stage.

3. Add a hat

Nothing attracts attention quite like a hat. First, it takes guts to wear one. Second, it takes panache to carry it off. Combine the two qualities and you get major sex appeal. Stay with classic shapes — the fedora, the beret — to make it easier to pull off.

4. Accessorize with Shoulder-Duster Earrings

Megan Fox

Skip every other piece of jewelry, pull your hair back and make sure your makeup stays soft. This look goes great with bare shoulders and up dos, too. Definitely an after-dark look.

5. Make it Metallic

Gold, silver, copper and pewter are especially luminous when you’re going for Viacom. Look for simple shapes (the story here is the fabric and color, not the line of the outfit) and tones that flatter your skin color. Pass on major jewelry and makeup to let the metallic shine.

6. Adopt an Exotic look

Harem pants, sarongs and embroidered items are all borrowed ethnic looks with tons of feminine charm. The mandarin-collar dress (Chang’s) from China is flattering, chic and always intriguing.

7. Wear Shades

Jennifer Lopez

Perhaps the single sexiest item you can own are a great pair of sunglasses. They add tons of mystery, look cute even on top of your head and actually serve the practical purpose of protecting your eyes.

8. Make a Grand Exit

Sexy is all about surprises, so a deceptively simple dress from the front can be a showstopper in the back. Open backs, lace-up backs, great dress trains all make for dramatic effects.

9. Stay soft with touchable Fabrics

Kate Moss

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about hardcore leathers or sparkly sequins being heat-inducing. Cashmere, silky satin, buttery soft sued es are the real scene-stealer’s. Touchable fabrics not only invite another touch, they have the added bonus of feeling great against your skin so you feel pampered and sexy.

10. Play Peekaboo


No need to bare your breasts, even with lace. Nude linings, camisoles and slips all keep you covered while the lace itself stays really suggestive. Cutouts are another way to show slivers of sexy skin without baring it all.

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Salwar suit fashion tips to look slim

However beautiful the dress is, but if it does not give slim look on wearing is not able to make place in women heart. If general women are so conscious, just think about consciousness level of brides. Salwar Kameez is the most worn dress of brides and it’s every bride wish to look unique and slim on her wedding.

Image of celebrities and models continuously run in their mind, which instigates them to get the same look. They want to get a crown of discerning bride. More than beauty looking slim is more desirable to brides. It’s very easy to attain slimmer look in salwar kameez by just following few tips. In spite of going on a diet there are many other ways to look slender and beautiful. They make you look much attractive. Here are given few magic mantras that make you look much pulled together and stunning on wedding. Their application is not limited to wedding but should be applied generally also.

– To wear fitting salwar kameez is the main formula to get into a slim look. Your outfit should not be too tight or too loose. Do wear churidar bridal suit. Flared bottom like patiala salwar, bell bottom salwar etc gives curvy look. Length of kameez should cover your hip part completely. Short bridal suit gives clingy look, thus avoid them.

– Your wedding bridal suit should be of the same color entirely. Monochromatic color gives a slim and tall look and makes you look like a slim bride. Color of the suit should not be flashy as it looks garish.

– Prints in your bridal suit should be small in size not large. Large prints lend smaller and curvy look, which definitely no bride want.

– Fabric also plays a great role in imparting svelte look; hence keep them greatly into consideration. From slim viewpoint bride should go for silk, satin and crepe fabrics. They nicely fall over all curves and give an illusion of slim appearance.

– If want to go for stripes vertical stripes will make your appearance. They make you look slimmer and taller. Horizontal stripes will do just the opposite, thus be away from them.

– With salwar kameez bride should keep a high hairdo as it adds up to your height and gives slimmer and taller look as well. But it should not be fluffy frizzy hair.  A high bun or high ponytail will do the best.

– High heeled footwear goes well with salwar kameez, also gives taller and slimmer look.

– Your bridal jewelry should include long earrings and thin chain or necklace with a pendant.  It will spice up your look by making it slim.

At last to conclude, the desire to look gorgeous and attractive can be accomplished by complying salwar suit fashion tips.These tips are all about playing with your positives and hiding flaws through intelligent dressing. So, keep these sensible salwar kameez tips in mind, as they are of great help and goes well with every body type.

Fashion Tips For The Melbourne Cup

With Melbourne Cup 2009 only just over one month away things are heating up in the Melbourne Cup Fashion 2009 stakes. As you are reading this decisions are being made ondresses, hats, shoes, suits, and everything else that can be considered fashionable for race day at Flemington.

Tips for Melbourne Cup Fashion 2009:

Melbourne Cup Fashion 2009 is where the money is as many of the noted creations end up in someone else’s wardrobe after the winnings have been cashed, celebrated and slept over.

It isn’t just enough to be dressed smart and fashionably. You also want to make sure the day can be enjoyed without any major hiccups and the following tips should help you make the most of Melbourne Cup Day 2009.

  • When you place your best, do it with the money of others if possible. That way you minimise the risk of losing.
  • Drink sensibly, do remember to sober up with water every now and then between sips of champagne.
  • Take a stack of business cards for new acquaintances.
  • Remember where you live in case you need a taxi ride back to your quarters.
  • Don’t forget your underwear if you consider wearing a dress. Wind gusts can make you look real dumb if the dress takes on a life of its own.
  • Bobby pins are great ‘tools’ to keep your hat in place for the day.
  • Wear sunscreen and keep your war paint (makeup) to a minimum.

Styling tips for Melbourne Cup Fashion:

Wearing the right fashion is key to being part of the crowd at Flemington race track. Your dress should be stylish but not flimsy, long and not short, dressy but not cocktail-ish.

Then there is the accessories. To take your Cup fashion to another level consider using the right accessories to accentuate your look. Keep colours to a minimum (two) and let your dress speak the language of fashion.

Choose the right hat or head piece to compliment your dress and add the perfect shoes. Just make sure you wear them in before race day, unless you want to hobble around ungracefully all day.

Don’t be tempted to lug around a huge bag with you equivalent to a rucksack. Instead go for the simple clutch bag. If your outfit is suited to gloves, then feel free to wearing some.

To cover up for all eventualities it might be a good idea to carry a jacket or a light coat with you. If you don’t want to have the extra baggage, take a small umbrella instead and match it to your fashion.

Try to avoid the common fashion mishaps of single feathers and lampshade like hats, unless you want to look like a mushroom or a peacock.

Melbourne Cup Fashion 2009
will be like any other year, a colourful mix of the fashion conscious and the fashion blind. Get ready now and be prepared well ahead of time before the mad rush for the finish line has women of all ages hire hats in a panic.

Indian Fashion Dress Code: Essential Wardrobe Tips

There are different clothing styles. Some people prefer clothes in bulk while others to have selected outfits. In other words, there is a growing debate on quantity of clothes v/s quality of clothes.

There are many differences between quantity of clothes and quality of clothes, but there is one feature that both these school of thought agree on. This feature being that when it comes to fashion, there are a few colors and styles which are regarded as wardrobe essentials. Whether one goes in for quantity of clothes or quality of clothes, in both these cases one has some basic colors.

Indian fashion dress has always known for its attractive textures, embroideries, fabrics, cuts and styles. In present context, there is a wide variety of clothes and colors. However it may seem difficult to come down to a few basic colors. But this is the truth. Everybody may have an endless color sequence fashion dreses in their wardrobe. But a few colors and cuts are common to all beings. These colors are black, white, navy blue, brown and a few more. They are regarded as wardrobe essentials.

Our Indian Fashion is incomplete without these basic colors. Any apparel comprising of any of these colors is indeed important. One may have more variety in terms of colors but some shades never seem to take a back seat.

Though these colors are basic yet they play a significant role. The advantage of these essentials shades is that they look good for any and every occasion. And secondly, they are always in fashion.
Thus, unconsciously though we have kind of created a dress code for ourselves and we label it as Indian Fashion dress code. It comprises of some essentials that are very important to us. And some colors seem to have created a permanent place in our heart.

Indian fashion dress is not just about the colors. A perfect wardrobe comprise of the dresses which can be worn any time. A perfect wardrobe consist of all type of dreses i.e from most sexy to most traditional ones. Indian fashion dress can be equally sexy and traditional. That’s what most special in indian fashion dress.

For example, Indian fashion sarees can be most traditional once worn with the long heavily embellished blouses, normal style blouses and on other side could be given equal sexy look with those noodle strap, backless choli blouses.

Thus a perfect wardrobe comprise of everything for every occasion. Many online women clothing stores are now coming up with exclusive options. is among some online indian websites offering indian fashion clothes for all occasions like festival, office wear, weddings, parties, casual meets etc for the customers worldwide.

Watch Disney’s School Fashion Show at Fashion Tube

Disney’s first ever Back-To-School fashion show, co-hosted by Jennifer Stone, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Chelsea Staub, JONAS, features fashions for 8-12-year olds and models who probably just like you, love clothes and cant wait to shop for Back To School so they can express their personal style and share tips with all their friends! Youll see interviews with Selena Gomez and “Sonny With A Chance’s” Tiffany Thornton, Brandon Mychal Smith and more, plus fashions inspired by the latest trends: the JONAS collection has a preppy style and the Wizards of Waverly Place collection goes boho-chic, but its up to you to mix, match, and make it your own!

The video above is of Disney’s first ever Back-To-School fashion show which was hosted by Chelsea Staub from the Disney Channel Original Series JONAS and Jennifer Stone from Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place. There’s even a quick interview with one of our favorite Disney Stars, Selena Gomez!

Check out the clothing lines inspired by both JONAS and Wizards of Waverly Place and let us know which one you could see yourself wearing – or if you love both!

The JONAS style is preppy while the Wizards style is boho-chic – but that doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match both clothing lines! You can purchase these clothes at the, Kmart, Sears, Walmart, Target, and JC Penney.

Will you be dressing in JONAS or Wizards of Waverly Place clothing when you head back to school this Fall?

Characteristics of the Classic Fashion Styles

Classic fashion styles are the looks that last through the ages and appear flattering on almost anyone. They go beyond styles and are a success of art. Despite the several years, fifure or fashion, classic styles are always a display of truly enhanced flavor.

Classic style always begins with the easiest of ideas. Silhouettes are smooth and ideas are clean. It is this clean thinking that allows an existing style to liquefy into any current concept or style.

The greatest benefit with classic styles is that they’re never stylish. Trendy styles are intended to force the limitations and highlight the outfit. A stylish look is intended to make a strong declaration and never moves beautifully into the style celebration.

Not being stylish means classic outfits are amazing. You cannot look at an existing outfit and instantly know it was created in the Seventies. The outfit should be so classy that any several years and any developer may have created it.

The dark outfits is a perfect example of classic style. This easy outfit is still a preferred for women everywhere, and a basic requirement in any stylish clothing collection. It matches different figures, different individualities and different styles. The unique outfit design can slide as easily into a modern party as any reinvention.

The typical dark tux is another example of classic style. The regular outfit is used by men almost everywhere, and changes little from several years to several years. The easy coat, pants and bow-tie mixture makes a smooth beauty that needs no adjustment to fit into any official situation.

Classic styles usually keep with classic shades as well as classic collections. Black, azure, white and darkish are much more typical than shiny yellow-colored, hot lilac and fluorescent red. Natural components, such as silk cotton, silk cotton and natural leather, are much more typical than synthetics, such as silk cotton, silk cotton and pleather.

Classic describes your style perfectly. You prefer timeless looks, beautiful, but simple, cuts in clothing, fine natural fabrics, and leather shoes and handbags. You’re more likely than not to be over 40. Tradition is important to you. You may occasionally become frustrated when you can’t find the exact style of a beloved item of clothing, handbag, or shoe that has worn out. And you frequently keep your fashion accessories and clothing until they are worn, just because much of what you buy does not go out of style. Although you won’t be the flashiest person in a room, you will always look good.

If your feel that classic styles are generally on the tedious or dull side, remember that you can always add a little character. The easy styles go fantastically with a tremendous variety of stylish components. By including some jewellery, a hat or a headscarf, you can convert the look for any event.

Retro Vintage Sunglasses Highlight Your Wonderful Summer

Today, fashion products are not the synonym of newest products. For example, in sunglasses world, retro vintage style sunglasses are the main fashion stream in this year. As for celebrities or common people, retro style sunglasses are always popular. Now, retro sunglasses are everywhere on the streets. Those retro sunglasses make them very elegant.

From this picture, we can see that Jessica Alba is still beautiful even if she is pregnant right now. Her beautiful and elegant images should not only just owe to her floral print skirt and bags. Her retro vintage sunglasses also contribute to her beauty. The lenses color of the sunglasses perfectly match her skirt and create an air of nobleness.

Vanessa Hudgens changes her regular style. The irregular white skirt enhance her charm, besides, the horn rimmed sunglasses create flatter her image. So, we can say that we should not neglect the function of the suitable sunglasses when we go out.

In summer, white T-shirt and jean is the most common dressing. But, from the picture, we know that Hilary Duff make herself different from others. How can she do it? In fact, if you are a carefully person, you will find that her black oversized sunglasses help a lot to make her looks different from others.

Have you recognized her? She is Milla Jovovich, the heroin in “Resident Evil”. Although herwears very common T-shirt and jeans, she still looks pretty. This should owe to her own temperament. Besides, the retro white framed sunglasses are also one of a necessary decoration for her.

The clear framed sunglasses on her face make her look really beautiful. Besides, the orange clothes make Dita Von Teese looks more healthy and energetic.

From the stated above, we have to say that stylish sunglasses especially retro vintage sunglasses are the must-be products for people who want to keep fashion. And those sunglasses are not specially made for those celebrities. Our common people can also dress in a fashion ways like them with a pair of proper retro sunglasses. is the fastest growing online community selling affordable yet high quality prescription eyeglasses, discount eyeglasses and other eyewear. Firmoo’s return and refund policy makes your purchase with Firmoo risk-free. Be sure to get your eyeglasses onlineready.

Vintage Inspired Dresses

The vintage style is a trend that has been increasingly visible on catwalks and high streets in the recent years. One particular item of clothing that fits into this category is the vintage dress.

Vintage dresses are a cost effective way of revamping your wardrobe whilst keeping bang on trend and ensuring environmental sustainability. These dresses are seconds, and so the general wear of the piece adds to the authenticity. The designs also reflect the era in which they were created for, for example the peter pan collared dress was fashioned in the mid 20th century and has continued to be a key piece in womenʼs clothing.

The demand for vintage dresses has flourished in recent years due to celebrity icons such as Dita Von Teese and Chloe Sevigny, who were pictured wearing these second-hand treasures. Not only are vintage dresses a great way to add a classic piece to your collection, they are extremely versatile due to the way in which womenʼs fashion has evolved over the years. For example, a 1920ʼs bridal slip may now be worn as a day dress, layered with an oversized cardigan, leather jacket and chelsea boots to make a perfect casual outfit. Alexa Chung is another woman who prides herself in sourcing many vintage pieces to create her iconic fashion image.

(Vintage Inspired Dress Above)

Vintage dresses require little effort when creating outfits as they can be paired with skinny belts to frame the silhouette. It if often difficult to find a well fitting vintage dress as many items are size labelled differently to clothes today, however an oversized dress is often flattering when cinched in at the waist. It is also the perfect piece for those who prefer a looser, more casual fit, although of course, a pair of heels would instantly increase the formality of the outfit.

Another great thing about these dresses is that there is such a great variety available: tea length, midi, cocktail, tiered – the list goes on! These dresses are such unique pieces that have survived years of trend alterations, and are items that will continue to be fashionable. One off vintage dresses are the perfect way to express your personality as there are many styles from different eras to choose from. Decadent 1940ʼs cocktail dresses may now be more suitable for a party or prom, and pleated 1930ʼs midi dresses may make an ideal everyday outfit.

There are such a great variety of vintage dresses that you will be sure to find a style that suits you. Regarding this trend, I believe it is essential to accessorize appropriately, perhaps picking up on key details such as embroidery or beading, and accentuating this with the correct handbag or jacket. As we once again head toward the cooler months, it is very on trend to layer cardigans and sweaters over vintage dresses to create the perfect casual outfit. Alternatively a delicate shrug and Lita-esque boots will bring together a fresh new take on the formal vintage dress. This trend really does have something to suit everyone!

Vintage Fashion Of Yesteryears Is Gaining Prominence With Marcasite Jewelry

Marcasite jewelry was extremely popular during 18th century and Queen Victoria too reportedly used to flaunt this jewelry during various different occasions. Growing in popularity during the 19th century too, this form of jewelry especially saw rising demand during the later half of this century. This was largely due to the fact that it was less pricey than diamonds along with being extremely beautiful.

Knowing what exactly is Marcasite

South America was the place where Marcasite was mined. It is obtained from iron sulphide which is one natural mineral. This stone is also related to “Fools Gold” or iron pyrite. This is named so as the jewel finds various similar qualities to gold; however, the value of Marcasite is much low when compared to gold.

Most of the times, miners too mistakenly think that Marcasite is gold. Moreover, this stone is found in varied colors that range from black to dark grey. You can also find gold or yellow sparks throughout this stone. In the early times, Marcasite was believed to have qualities that could reduce negativity and improve skills of communication for those who wore it.

Marcasite has become a fashion statement

Now that it is understood that the Victorian Era widely used Mascasite jewelry, it is also true that the current lot of fashion lovers too prefer using such jewelry. The black color of this stone is extremely ideal for people who like somber clothing. Moreover, people in the Victorian Era commonly designed brooches, cameo pendants and other such stuff using Marcasite and casted them on ivory. Such jewelry is in fashion these days too. Vintagepatterns and styles are liked by people and hence, Marcasite jewelry wholesale purchases too are rising due to the aspect of cost saving.

The vintage look of shining Marcasite jewely is loved by everyone. Combination of Sterling silver along with Marcasite too is a craze. You may not find gold combined with Marcasite though as these two don’t gel with each other well.

Caring for our Marcasite jewels

When you opt for Marcasite jewelry wholesalepurchases, you will need to ensure that proper care is taken to ensure that your pieces last longer and maintain their original shine. For this, you need to wipe these jewelry pieces with clean damp and soft cloth. Drying them with absorbent cloth isrecommended.

Take care that you do not use sonic cleaners or hot water to clean your Marcasite jewels. Exposure to cleaning agents or chemicals can damage your jewelry. Soaking in water or exposure to high heat levels is also harmful.

Finally, for people who like knowing about healing properties in different stones and metals, Marcasite as mentioned earlier is believed to fade off negativity. Being an extremely beautiful stone, Marcasite jewelry is fast becoming an obsession of sorts for people everywhere.

Fashion Tips – Three Shirt Styles That Look Great on Flat-Chested Women

Women look beautiful in casual clothes, whatever their size and shape may be, with the variety of fashion that showcases a range of choices in all types of ladies clothing. The shirt is none the less different and there is a style for every occasion and fashion sense. Flat Chested women are beautiful and have great advantages over women with more ample sizing in front.

Selecting a top

There are a lot of different styles of casual clothing to choose that range from flexible and fitting shirt to raffles, lacy and turtle neck top. Flat-Chested women need not worry about being overstuffed and can always layer their outfits. Always go in for striped prints that are horizontal to the torso. Add volume using color, patterns or play with layers and ruffled looks. Shirts with horizontal stripes and sequins or a large floral print would look great on them with gathered sleeves.

Basically, find a way to slim down the waistline and shape it by simply putting a big belt underneath the bust. Patterned shirts and horizontal lines, right across the bust area are a great way to accentuate those curves.

Informal wear

A spaghetti strap shirt is a light fabric and has a unique pattern or design with a very skinny strap and is quite common among flat chest women. They can be paired with casual dresses such as jeans, shorts and skirts. Camp shirts with khaki or navy shorts are the bestcasual clothes for a summer look. Pairing it with a neutral pencil skirt is a classic wardrobe staple. Most of the camp shirts are usually buttoned-up and rolled into short sleeves. They are to be found in various fabrics and in bright colors.

Seasonal wear

White is always one of the key seasonal colors and builds the confidence of a woman. A white pleated shirt with a white wide leg pants, with a small section of color belt are always a hot favorite of women. It is wiser to choose waist coat and trouser suit with a uniform style that brings about a sense of simplicity. Light blue shirts worn with dark blue high waist pencil skirt show the perfect minimalism and can be enhanced with a wide belt to emphasize the waist curve.

Professional wear

Blouse has always been a common shirt for women to wear in a professional setting. It has a collar with buttons completely in the front, or has partial buttoning with the bottom being in one piece of fabric. They can also be long or short-sleeved and teamed with a chic top for different seasons. A shirt looks better, when teamed with any coat and jacket. An alternative is to have a round neck with short capped sleeves that draws attention to the arms and shoulders rather than the chest. Flat chests can be camouflaged by wearing sleeveless shirt tops with detailing on the front like frills .Collars and wide lapels draw attention towards the face and look great. Details like pocket, buttons, and patterns are some added features that enhance the bust line

Choosing the right kind of dressing, proper color and fabric ideas help to bring out the features that minimize flaws for a great appearance. It is important to evolve a personal style statement that enhances the character and individuality of a woman.

Best Online Sites to visit for Latest fashion Trends

Fashion is a slow ripening fruit in our country. Despite owning the resources, Fashion hasn’t grown to its optimum potential in the last decade. Of course you see bits and glimpse of world fashion in Bollywood movies and possibly pine over a beautiful piece of clothing or jewellery, that you know is impossible to get anywhere in your city. Thankfully online shopping provides some reprieve; it has made fashion within reach for almost all the internet using citizens.

Latest Fashion Trends

So if you want a rare piece of clothing or shoes, here are a few fashion tips on sites to visit for latest trends.


India’s most sought after fashion site would be:-
This is a megamall for online deals in India for fashion products. Catering to all categories and age group, finding a trendy piece of clothing is not out of question. You can find even the clothes that you might have seen in movies. is something of a giant for this category. Why is that, because you get most of the designer wear and clothes off the ramp and even world brands here? Possibly even the brands that you don’t see or hear much of.  Elitify is also for the niche market, as you can tell, by the designer wear and brands, they do not come cheap. is another well to do site; it houses some of the most recent trends, for extremely reasonable rates.  Koovs has the leverage of not just having good designs but also affordable rates. is another link to all that is fashion. You want a certain design, you get it here. It houses numerous brands and various categories. So searchis even easier this time around. It is not selling anything of its own but holds a record of brands and products, thus directing you to the most suitable one, to satisfy your needs. If you are looking for latest trends, this is the best site to visit. You don’t leave disappointed. is the designer wear online store for Ethnic or fusion wear. It is a craft based store, bringing to you the most chic designs in the market on the most opulent of fabrics at reasonably low rates. So if you want something Indian, related to crafts and textiles; this is your go to store. What is more, that these designs are unique. You shall not fid the kind of clothes on any other site or store.

5 Tips For Vintage Wedding Dress – Forever Beauty

As time goes to a woman’s wedding, that’s must be the biggest day for whole life. The month of August may be culturally considered as the wedding month, but saying I do needs no season or schedule. It is the sincere exchange of vows towards forever that counts, for love of the couple is something that should last for eternity and knows no month or timing. Thus,vintage wedding dresses can be both in fashion and symbolic for their ethereal style that defies the in-season designs yet stunningly fashionable in every wedding in the past years, in the current year and in the coming more year.

vintage wedding dress

2013 Newest Romantic Vintage Wedding Dress

With this kind of vintage wedding gowns, it can be inferred that wearing something that has been a witness of so many love stories can be both dramatic and chic. There are, however, various considerations that brides need to be wary of as they parade the vintage gowns down the aisle towards the man they love.

1.      Vintage Wedding Gowns Embellished With Exquisite Female Details

As in the most romantic Hollywood flicks, brides usually would prefer to wear their mother’s wedding gowns and pass it as something vintage. This is somewhat a mistake. Not because a dress is old, but it is vintage. Vintage clothing pieces such as lace wedding dress should have been there for decades and showcase a style that best reflects what has been in season during the year they were tailored. The clue is to have something that can be both classic and exquisite with details and exemplary workmanship.

2.      Do Not Wear A Regular Dress Size InVintage Dresses

Anyone can actually wear a vintage dress. There is no difference between modern and vintage ones when it comes to styling and structure. The fashion industry has been kind enough to have wedding gowns that can suit any body type. Similar to history, fashion also repeats itself. There is one big BUT, though. Remember not to wear a regular dress size invintage dresses.

3.      Make A Right Measurements

Silhouettes, construction and design of vintage wedding gowns may have several similarities to those tailored at this era, but the industry had gradually adjusted sizes downward. So when shopping for vintage gowns, it is best to take measurements and ask for the store’s assistance to provide options that can fit the dimensions given to them.

Carefully check the measurements of the shoulders, rise, bust, waits and hips. Do not forget to consider leaving a tad of wiggle room just so comfort wouldn’t be a problem during the ceremony.

4.      Purchase A Girdle Or Corset

One tip is to consider purchasing a girdle or corset as many vintage dresses are worn with these. It is also important to be open in trying on larger sizes. Most of the gowns in vintagestores are on the 0-6 modern size with some maybe going up to 10-12 with shorter lengths. So do not scratch custom tailoring off the list and be patient.

5.      Do Not Wear Too Much Accessories

Last reminder: never wear too much accessories as the key to wearing vintage gowns is to showcase its style. Few stoned jewelleries such as those with big deep red rubies or small studs of diamonds can be perfect in wearing the classic beauty of the dress down the aisle. Accessories should complement the dress and not the other way around. Tone down the blings and trust that vintage wedding dresses designs can take all the guests’ breath away.

Womens Casual Clothing Fashion Tips

Whether you’re considered a soccer mom chic or college dorm student comfort is always on the forefront of your mind, the trick to dressing in womens casual clothing everyday with style is to know how to keep from looking sloppy.

For those lucky enough to dress in womens casual clothes everyday, the challenges could be many, but a few larger ones are, how to build a core wardrobe of basics with enough variety to keep it from getting boring and how to match these varieties without looking like a slob.

Here are some tips to help women build their casual attire:

Buy your casual clothes the same way you would buy career clothes: always thinking about building your best womens casual attire wardrobe. For example, when choosing your casualwear for women, choose cohesive pieces and build them around basic styles. For casualclothing the best approach is three colors for the best mix-and-match wardrobe – khaki, denim, tan black, khaki, white etc.

And please don’t forget about a great casual shoe because nothing kills a chics sporty casualattire like a pair of white running shoes. Stick with a pair of boots or sandals, etc. You probably won’t get stopped by the “bad wardrobe police” with boots and they go with almost all casual clothing.

Use casual accessories and handbags — especially when it comes to casaul wear for women. No two worlds are more distant from one another than the classic look and womens casualattire. Please don’t try to mix a gold and diamond watch with a sweatshirt unless you’re Queen Latifah. Try to stay away from mixing styles.
Keep your casual clothes in good shape — don’t be lazy if they need to be ironed then iron them, if they need to be cleaned then clean them, you get the point.

Stay far away from womens casual wear cliches – like baggy sweats. Baggy sweats is for lounging around the house only and if you are certain no one will see you out of your standard casual clothes. Remember today you might have a reputation to up hold. Instead, opt for some in style womens attire, a great track suit that comes with a strong fitted look in fun colors and rich fabrics like velour or terry.

Don’t get ridiculous or outrageous about casual attire for women. Remember it is just a style which can be fun and look good at the same time. So, if you’re working in the garden or cleaning the house, then wear whatever works for you and leave your casual clothes for those right days.


Vintage Wedding Shoes

Vintage Wedding Shoes by Emma Hope

With their attention to detail these Emma Hope Vintage Wedding shoes in size UK 4 will be the perfect pair of vintage bridal shoes for your big day. In ivory cream silk these Emma Hope vintage wedding shoes from circa 1986 are truly special. They will have you floating down the aisle with their old fashioned romanticism, with their floral swirls they are timelessly classic and the mid heel makes them practical and pretty.

Emma Hope graduated from the The Cordwainers College in London where many  shoe royalty have descended from. There are three Emma Hope shops in London: in Sloane Square, Westbourne Grove and Islington and the  first Emma Hope flagship store in Japan opened in 2003 in Roppongi Hills, a leading shopping area in Tokyo celebrating Emma Hope shoes is now an international affair! Emma Hope has designed shoes for Paul Smith, Anna Sui and Mulberry making her signature styles highly respected throughout the fashion world. As a blushing Bride you too can own a pair of fabulous Emma Hope vintage bridal shoes in size UK 4 from Kindred Sole.  Ever the true romantic Emma Hope also designed the shoes for Kiera Knightly and Rosamund Pike for the award winning film, Pride and Prejudice – If they are good enough for Mr Darcy……

Emma Hope has won five Design Council Awards, the Martini Style Award, the Harpers & Queen Design Award, and the Clothes Show TV and D.T.I. accessories award

Fashion Tips For Plus Size Dressing

Dressing rituals for plus size females is as taxing as those for the common fashion conscious female. They both need to pay heed to some rules, avoid some fashion faux pas and need some tips to a fault proof fashion guide. Ne must also note that in the past decade there has been an explosion of fashions for women size 14+. Designers and marketers have finally realized plus-size women have money to spend and they thoroughly enjoy spending it. Yet even with all the options, plus-size women still tend to make the same old mistakes. Let us now look into what these myths are and how to avoid them.

  • Myth No 1: Black Is Slimming

Yes black is slimming but only to an extent and in some expensive fabrics. The idea comes from the fact that even color tones give the impression of a slimmer figure because dark colors absorb light. So wearing all black most of the time will, instead of faking a slimmer figure, make people wonder actually what is it that you are hiding. Go to a good plus size dresses outlet and with all the new fashions out there, try some color. Color can not only render a cheerful edge to your personality but also takes off that somber look you get when you wear lot of black and by all means do not opt for black in Prom Dresses and/orHomecoming Dresses; it’s just so obvious.

  • Myth No 2: Vertical Stripes Tone Flab.

Okay this may prove true in theory but let us indulge in a little practical experiment to get to the truth of the statement. Don one of your sweat shirts (we all know we all have one of those) and look at yourself in the mirror. See how those stripes are not quite as straight as you might like? They tend to go a little curvy right over my saddlebags which only add attention to certain areas.

  • Myth No 3: Don’t wear prints.

It’s a myth all right but it’s also sort of true. Don’t wear big huge cabbage rose prints – you’ll either look like drapes or a couch however a small, subtle print like polka dots or tiny flowers can implant style and fun into your wardrobe. Prints, within limits, can be a great enhancer to your style and fashion sense and the impact it creates but go overboard with them and your dress might look like it was cut out from a section of the curtain cloth. Look some innovative prints in Jovani Dresses, Le Femme Dresses andSherri Hill Dressesto nail the look.

  • Myth No 4: My Body Weight Cannot Be Stabilized With Heels.

That is absolutely not true and with some good practice you may undo that too. Heels add height which consequently balances your width. Though flats provide great comfort, it is heels that give you the necessary edge over the crowd. A little drama in accessories doesn’t go to waste.

  • Myth No 5: I Can’t Show Because There’s Flab

That is absolutely untrue. You can show all the skin you want within limits that do not showcase you as a bordering slut. To enable you to smile find something you love about yourself and flaunt it! Show those legs, unbutton that cleavage, get a good strapless bra and wear that boob tube, let down your hair and just focus on something that makes you feel great about yourself because in actuality no one other than you probably noticed that you put on a couple of pounds. And remember – Plus Size is now the normal.
Skinny people are now unusual looking!

5 Back to School Tips: How To Buy The Right Children’s Shoes


Buying footwear is no easy thing, and it’s even more difficult when we buy shoes for our kids. Childrens’ feet are constantly growing, and sometimes we have a hard time keeping kids in shoes that fit! Besides, shoes can be expensive, and many little ones already know what they like as regards their personal fashion style. But buying the right pair of shoes for your son our daughter is important because their feet need support to grow properly. Otherwise, they may experience physical problems as they get older, or just have sore feet.

It can be  hard to know when it’s time to buy new shoes, since kids don’t usually tell their parents when their feet are hurting, or if their shoes are getting holes in them. So it’s important to check their shoes reguarly to see if they are starting to show signs of wear and tear, such as ripped seams or worn down soles.

So that you can make the best choice in kids footwear, follow these 5 tips:

  1. Measure their feet. This is probably the most obvious, basic tip, however few people do this today. Just like in the shoe store when you were a child, you can still get your or your child’s feet measured in a shop. Today many people order shoes online because of the convenience and oftentimes lower prices. If you plan to buy online, you should invest in a foot measure to be sure you get the right size. When you measure, make sure the child is standing up straight. It’s also a good idea to measure at the end of the day, when their feet are bigger from swelling. Also, measure BOTH feet, as they may be different sizes, and it’s also a good way to check your measurements. Keep in mind that different brands measure sizes differently, so a pair of boots by Camper won’t be the same fit as a pair by Clarks or Citrouille et Compagnie.
  2. Quality is important. It may feel like you are throwing your money away for an item that your child will only wear for a year (or less during a growth spurt!), but when it comes to foot support and traction, not to mention the durability of the shoe’s upper itself, don’t skimp on quality. Good support is very important for kids’ feet, especially for those who love to run, jump, or practice sports. The same is true for the little ones just learning to walk! You should look for a shoe with a sturdy, rubber, textured sole. The material should be leather, canvas or nylon, and with a quality brand like Camper trainers for kids or even Geox, they will outgrow them before the shoes fall apart. And trust me, no child wants to be seen at school with holey shoes, not to mention they’re feet won’t be protected from the weather if they have holes or stressed seams.
  3. If you must buy them a little big, get inserts. Once you’ve got the right size from measuring, you can start trying on shoes or ordering them. If you order online, I suggest ordering two sizes, and returning one, as most online shops have free returns. But one great tip for dealing with a child’s constantly-growing feet is to use shoe inserts. You can purchase inserts separately or some brands already have them included. If the shoes fit perfectly with the inserts, then you simply remove the insert to create more space when their feet grow. This is an ingenious way to save time and money, and get more wear out of a pair of sneakers or high tops.
  4. Easy to put on and take off. Make sure the closure for the shoes is easy for the child to do themselves. This saves you time, but also makes the child feel more independent. Laces, Velcro or some other new system are all fine, as long as they keep the shoes on. It’s not a great idea to get slip on shoes for kids, as it makes walking more difficult for them, and they may even lose a shoe. The closure should be easy to manage, but also provide support.
  5. What do they want? Kids are often very opinionated about their likes and dislikes, and the same is true when it comes to fashion. Even boys can be very particular about what shoes they wear. So it’s important to find something they like, but which is also super comfortable and has a great fit and premium quality. So when they try on shoes, listen to what they tell you, but check the sizing yourself as well to be sure of maximum comfort, and room to grow. There should be about a half centimeter of room at the back of the heel, and about a centimeter of room at the toes. Leather shoes like Camper may be a little more forgiving as the leather stretches with wear, but not enough that you can cheat. If the store doesn’t have the right size, you’ll have to look elsewear. Because when kids’ feet starting hurting, it’s only a matter of time before they have a total meltdown—every parent’s nightmare!

Fashion Tips on How to Dress Your Body Shape

The first step to looking your best in your clothing is to know your specific body type and apply certain fashion tips accordingly. Not all trends, designs, colors and fabrics flatter every figure, so it’s essential to be able to steer clear of fashions that don’t do your figure any justice.

Dressing Your Body Type Correctly

While it may be tempting to buy clothing for the figure you wish you had, the fact is that you should dress the body you have in the best way possible. Arguably, all women have an area on their body that they aren’t too happy with, which is fine, but just remember that even your perceived flaws can be dressed to look pretty nice by choosing the right clothing for your body type. Be honest with yourself; if you have a bit of a tummy, don’t buy something extra clingy in that area and think that you can hold your stomach in the whole time you wear it. Fashion should be comfortable; if it’s not, you won’t feel as confident, and confidence is always the most important thing to

All Shapes And Sizes

  • Pear Shape: Women who belong to this category have a narrow upper body, with a heavier bottom and thighs.
  • Apple Shape: In this case, women have a broader upper body with a narrow bottom. Women with this body type tend to put on more weight on the middle area.
  • Boyish/ Athletic Shape: This shape refers to women with a narrow figure overall. Weight is evenly distributed in such cases.
  • Hourglass Shape: A narrow waist with the upper and lower body in great proportion is what an hourglass shape is all about. This shape is like a dream come true for many women.

These were the basic body shapes, and there can be variations in this depending upon each woman. The trick lies in enhancing the positive points.

Clothing Shapes for Pear Body Types

The key to dressing a pear body type is to draw attention to your upper body while deemphasizing your lower body to create a balanced appearance. Your neck and shoulders are two of your best assets. Strapless dresses and tops look good on you, however, to create a more curvaceous effect add volume to your upper body by mixing and matching suggested separates.

Fashion Tips for Rectangles

This body type is all about creating curves, so light and bright colors are welcomed because they naturally make your body look bigger because they reflect the light. Dark hues work as well, and will outline your silhouette, but they will slim you down instead of providing the illusion of curves.

Prints and patterns also create the same effect as light/bright colors, so give your rectangle shape a curvier appearance and feel free to wear them big and bold. Rectangle shapes can actually handle bold prints and patterns the best because they don’t have curves to break up the silhouette.

Clothing Shapes For Hourglass Body Types

The key to dressing an hourglass body type is to proportionally dress the top and bottom of your body while accentuating your waist. If you are comfortable doing so, you can wear form fitting clothing (such as a tube-type dress) and accentuating your waist by adding a wide, dark belt. However, to create an even more curvaceous effect add a bit of volume proportionally to your upper and lower body by mixing and matching suggested separates.

Four Creative Ideas for Men’s Wedding Bands

NO.1 Personalized Custom Rings Leading Fashion Trends

In the past, grooms used to wear the same band in the weddings. However, this idea has been out of fashion now because the groom needs to choose his band according to the nature of his work. If he is a crazy fan of extreme sports, he’d better choose Tungsten Carbide Rings but not gold rings because tungsten is harder. And he can’t have a matte finished ring for resisting scratches. The less ornamental details, the better because they will be ruined by beats. What’s more, precious stones can be less inlaid to prevent from missing, losing and accumulating dirt.

Brushed Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring for Men

NO.2 Comfort-Fit For Fingers

Currently, designers make the use of human engineering to design the rings to wear more comfortably. The radian tungsten rings prevail in the mainstream market but not flat tungsten rings. Some wedding bands have differences in the top and bottom, and the bottom is flat, gradually narrowing in order to ease the impact motion. Such design can let gentlemen wear the narrow bottom toward inside, so that the top of the band is less wear and tear.

NO.3 Men’s Wedding Bands with Diamond

In the past, it was rare to see a man wear a diamond wedding band .But now it is not a big deal. Fashion guys are keen on the glorious radiance and elegance of diamond. Second only to watch, now men’s diamond wedding bands become one of the fashion trends in men’s jewelry. Besides, they can perfectly match up with men’s diamond watches and women’s diamond rings.

The most popular bands are in elegant and durable styles. Diamond is always embedded with rings, in the same plane with the surface. Thus, diamond rings have a smooth plane outside and the diamonds can be well protected. There are two popular styles for men’s diamond rings, the Gypsy Mosaic and Grooved wedding bands with round or square diamonds inlay. But Rectangular diamond is not commonly used in men’s rings. Besides clear diamonds, black, champagne and yellow diamonds are also popular for men’s rings.

7MM Brushed &Polished Tungsten Wedding Bands Set with Sparkling Zircon Inlay

NO.4 Tungsten Carbide Wedding Bands Become Hot

Nowadays, couples appreciate the beauty of tungsten carbide and expect the best quality. According to the wedding bands jewelers, the slight matte finished wedding bands are the hottest style. Compared with gold or platinum rings, which need to be protected, tungsten wedding bands are hard to be scratched in this style.

Couple;s Brushed &Polished Tungsten Engagement Rings with Cross Design

Fashion Design Major vs Fashion Merchandising Major in Ft Lauderdale

For students interested in fashion school, there are several majors to choose from. One is fashion design, without which a line of clothing would lack style or brand recognition, to say nothing of appeal. Designers consider how clothing will be worn, and by whom. After focusing on age, sex, body shape and lifestyle, they select the perfect fabrics to create garments suited to the wearers purpose. A fashion design major from a Ft Lauderdale art school would be a worthwhile pursuit for someone interested in studying these elements of the fashion industry.

On the other end of the spectrum, but vital to the fashion industry, is fashion merchandising. The heart of the fashion industry is merchandising, Merchandising on a small scale goes on by shop owners. where professionals take products to market, promoting them through buying outlets such as shops, stores, or catalogs. Merchandising on a small scale goes on by shop owners and managers who decide how best to showcase their items for consumers to buy, while on a larger scale, that same clothing is sold to them and larger stores and catalogs by the manufacturers. At all levels, merchandising is required for clothing to be seen and, ultimately, bought.

Why Study Fashion in Ft Lauderdale?

Situated on Florida’s Southeastern Atlantic Coast, Ft Lauderdale has its own fashion vibe. It has always been synonymous with the laid back, comfortable look that defines effortless style. Perhaps that is attributable to a lifestyle enhanced by proximity to the beach and plenty of sunshine and warm temperatures. Whether one attends a Ft Lauderdale art school or a Ft Lauderdale Fashion Merchandising School, they will be learning the elements of their profession while surrounded by a beautiful and inspiring location.

Students in a Ft Lauderdale art school are going to receive inspiration from the coastal environment. If taking fashion design classes there, they will undoubtedly be influenced by relaxed colors and fabrics that reflect the mood of their surroundings. Likewise, for students of fashion merchandising, the vibrant Ft Lauderdale retail scene will provide an excellent backdrop for observing firsthand, merchandising on many levels.

Latest Trending Indian Fashion Designer in 2015

With Trends in Fashion everyone is looking for Fashion Designers that have new ideas, new creations & should be more energetic.

Little Red Tote Announce Top 5 Indian Fashion Designers who are already making a splash with their edgy designs, contemporary twists to timeless styles and use of age-old techniques to create modern outfits for today’s women.

With The change of the fashion Trend we are into new era of fashion & style & for that we need Fashion Designers Who Could make us feel Perfect .

These are the Top 5 India Fashion Designers in 2015

1- Sneha Arora

Sneha started her eponymous label in 2011 and made a debut as a Gennext Designer at Lakme Fashion Week Festive Winter 2012. She also won the Grazia Young Fashion Award for the Breakthrough Label of Year 2013. Sneha has an art of putting her story-telling through design. Her collections have a sense of simplicity and calmness. You will find most of her creations outright wearable straight from the runway.

2- Sonaakshi Raaj

Sonaakshi is one of the very few Indian designers who has been featured for her popular work on the website of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week. With such talent and strong clientele, Sonaakshi’s already carved a niche for herself in a very short span of time.


3- Ruchika Sachdeva

After graduating from London College of Fashion Ruchika moved to India to set up her label Bodice. During her time in London she worked with prestigious designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Giles Deacon. She creates magic by combining unconventional and distinct designs with classic tailoring. This makes her collection quite wearable. Having won the Vogue India Fashion Fund 2014, she has established herself as a promising young talent and will go on to become a household name in no time.

4- Pratima Pandey

An NIFT alumni, New Delhi-based Pratima Pandey specializes in the use of natural fabrics. Her label Prama means beauty with intelligence in Sanskrit and strives to get the same spirit in her work with a view to encourage craftsmanship and sustainability. She was the winner of Grazia Young Awards 2011 in the category of eco-friendly fashion.

5-Ragini Ahuja

Ragini Ahuja is quite a newbie having launched her brand Ikai at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2013 Gen-Next Show. But given the buzz she created at the Fashion Week it won’t be long before she becomes a name to reckon with in the fashion industry. Testimony to this fact is that she was the first runner up at the recently concluded Vogue Fashion Fund 2014.

These Top Fashion Designers have their own unique point of view on latest fashion trends that could be easliy seen on their work as they their own style of work.

So after Reviwing their Collections its totally depend upon you whose creation are you wearing next?

Career Options after Graduating From a Fashion Designing College in India

The path that you choose should interest you in the first place and offer you chances of growth in the future. Here in this short write-up we shall discuss a few career options that you can choose after graduating from a fashion design college.

Glitz World

It is the dream of any designer to have models walk down the ramp in their designed outfits or get the cover page in a leading fashion magazine. If you are interested in the glitz world you can take part in fashion shows and other events. Of course this would require a lot of investment but if you have the right ideas and talent, getting hold of sponsors is no big deal. You can also work in the film and television industry and design outfits to be worn on the screen. If you choose this option make sure you have a strong portfolio to showcase to prospective clients.

In-house Designer

This is one of the most preferred options by most students fresh out of the designing institute in delhi . You can work as an in-house designer for a leading brand and work according to the guidelines. Here you would draw a monthly salary and the company would own rights to the design. Here you would usually be given a brief of the market trends and work on them accordingly.

Jewelry Designing

The Indian jewelry market is estimated at 250000 cores or $42 billion and this sees a double digit growth year on year. India is also one of the largest exporters of jewelry in the world. So if you have some creative ideas in your mind interested in working in this industry it would offer you great number of opportunities. You can start with a leading jewelry brand and also turn into an independent designer in the future.

Fashion Label

If you have the creativity and a decent bit of capital you can start off with your own fashion label. Though very few young designers walk this path straight out of the college you would have an ocean of opportunities to explore with your own design label. You would have complete creative freedom over your design and can also easily market them through the e-commerce channel.

An institute such as the International College of Fashion would offer you the ideal platform to start your career in fashion designing full of glitz and glamour. They are one of the most popular colleges for aspiring fashion design students in India. With a well-designed curriculum they have been able to expose their students into the intricacies of the fashion industry. They have state-of-the-art infrastructure and a team of experienced faculty members who bring in years of experience in the fashion industry and act as perfect guides for the students.

Wearing the most fashionable clothes in winter-Fashion Women Casual Woolen Long Coat

Fashion Women Casual Woolen Long Coat

Wearing the most fashionable clothes in winter-Fashion Women Casual Woolen Long Coat

Wool is a baseline for the coat industry, and it’s easy to see why. It excels at keeping the user warm and protected from moisture. However, the thickness and weight of wool is often undesirable. You may not want a pure wool coat if you want something you can wear outside of colder seasons. The industry offers many wool blends, which mitigate both the benefits and disadvantages of wool by mixing in other materials.

A close competitor with wool in the coat and jacket market is leather. Leather isn’t very protective with regards to temperature unless significantly reinforced. However, its tough exterior has led to it being favored as protective gear for motorcycle drivers. It also has a very fashionable appearance, although maintaining it will take careful use or occasional dry-cleaning.

One of the more unique material choices available for coats is shearling. This is lambskin that retains much of the original wool, only cut to an even thickness. You’ll find that shearling is a bit more expensive than plain wool or leather, but also very comfortable and stylish. The wool fibers also tend to adjust to different climates well, making shearling coats clothing that can be worn both during the summer and the winter.

If intending to present a particularly elegant or serious and traditional look, one should consider a double-breasted style coat. These coats are broad and equipped with flanking buttons on both sides. In some cases, the coat may go left over right equally well as right over left. In others, one row of bottoms is purely ornamental. Although far from casual, the double-breasted coat lends itself well to striking and businesslike appearances.

Traditionally made of wool, the pea coat is of naval origin but has long since become a fashion choice of its own. These coats are thick, have over-sized buttons, sizable lapels and are double-breasted. As with most wool coats, they’re particularly a good choice for chilly weather, and were originally designed with cold fogs in mind.
One favorite style of coat that has achieved popularity despite its humble origins is the **barn coat**. Unlike many other coats, barn styles are mostly based on cotton or canvas, although they do usually have additional lining as well. They’re intended for light weather and outdoors use, and are distinctly worker class in visual appeal.

The king of **long coat** products is, of course, the trench coat. Although it was originally made as a raincoat for military purposes, its popularity was largely driven by being used by a wide variety of heroes in cinema. Besides the practical use of keeping the body dry from top to bottom, they offer a very distinctive fashion choice that’s hard to overlook.

It’s difficult to give general prices with something as frequently changing and prone to severe scaling as fashion. However, currently you can find most good coats for between forty and eighty dollars. For business and designer items, look to spend considerably more – around a hundred and eighty to two hundred dollars, usually. It’s also entirely possible to find cheap coats for much less, but you should be careful to inspect the quality before purchase with low-priced products.

5 Tips for the Big Show Little Women

little women

1.     The colors make it: tone-on-tone stretch stature

With the principle of “color column” your outfit chooses within a single hue, which differs only in nuances. Monochromatic combinations stretch the body and make it appear bigger, “because this creates a vertical unit, absent in the horizontal interruptions and so the eye can wander freely from top to bottom and back. This gives the impression of a more in size. “Thus, it is not so boring, you can combine different materials and all round with auflockerndem jewelry overlooking your monochrome outfit. This ensures the necessary change in the look yet for a homogeneous body image that had its effect on the viewer.

“For example, a small woman a complete look in light and medium shades of blue composes: light blue jeans, plus a light blue blouse and a blazer in a medium shade of blue. The shoes could be kept in a blue, brown or gray then, corresponding to the jeans of the brightness in about. ”

2.  Fine patterns: Small, vertical pattern and style elements draw the eye

The trick knows probably already every one of you: vertical stripes are the absolute classic when it comes to look taller and slimmer. But other vertical patterns, creases, skirt slits, zippers and plackets create a vertical viewing guide the viewer: The intended stretching effect is so perfectly managed.

3.  Slim fit: Figure-hugging garments and flowing fabrics conjure a smooth silhouette

Cuts that accentuate your figure can act you elegant and larger. It’s best relies on narrow pants, the time-tested pencil skirt and A-line skirts. Pays attention to a pleasant covered material inside wraps around your curves.

4.    Knapped jacket: short jackets or west lengthen the torso

Even a stressed waist directs the viewer’s gaze so that you appear bigger for him. That works as wonderful with tight jackets or west: So you moved your waist a bit upwards, which causes the entire body in the length. Tops or dresses in the Empire style – they are characterized by a dart just below the chest out – have the same effect Caution is advised when girlish fashion in pink with many frills: This emphasizes the cute image that smaller women are already awarded for her petite body measurements. Can you weaken the effect by a skillful combination – for example with a blazer? Those who prefer to use specifically this factor may of course resort to romantic looks.

5.    Neckline and collar: V-necklines stretch the big picture effectively

As a down arrow acts of V-neck and accentuates therefore optically the vertical. Of course you do not have additionally come up with a murder décolletage – that probably would have rather the effect that the viewer’s gaze stuck right there.

International Institute of Fashion Design & Top fashion Schools

A lot of women out there believe that winter season limits our chances to look fashionable. While crop tops and short skirts leave a lot of room for experimentation and innovation, women find sweaters and jackets as “wear-as-they-are” materials.

Further, it is also a common notion that those who have studied in the fashion schools have a better sense of fashion and can do better when it’s about dressing up. While studying in a fashion school does make you more aware of the ongoing trends in the fashion industry, you do no always require a degree in fashion to look stylish all the time.

The top fashion schools of the nation believe that the concept of fashion goes beyond its physical aspect. It’s not just about following a particular set of patterns it’s also about utilizing our creativity to develop our own trends- because fashion comes from within.

So let us break two notions today. The following list would help you believe that there’s a lot that you can do in winters to look fashionable. Also, since the list doesn’t follow a set of rules learnt inside a fashion institute, you can make your own trends too.

•    Why get rid of the dresses: Winters are the times when we pack our summer dresses back in the closet. We often think that our thin frocks would be of no use in the chilling winters. But we can always consider wearing tights underneath and woolen shawls above it.
•    Let the layers do the talking: You can use your summer materials to layer yourself up. A crop top, forexample, can be layered over with a denim shirt and multiple stoles around the neck. Then, you can match the look with an attractive pair of boots which would make you look way too stylish for the winters.

•    Scarves are all-season accessories: While we are talking about using summer clothes in winters, how can we forget about flaunting our scarves. You can use your scarves as headgears to protect yourself from the mild wind. You can also use your scarf as belt around your long chic sweater.

So whether or not you’re into a top fashion institute & Best Fashion Design institute likeinternational institute of fashion design, keep experimenting with your clothes and accessories to generate new elements of fashion. Wear what suits your body, personality and mood- and then you’re good to go!

Communicating Fashion Through Internet And Fashion School

Science and technology, in its actual fact has come to stay and it has been changing aspects of our lives. It has done more good than harm and it has finally left the world to a global villages. Meanwhile, fashion has not been excluded in the area touched by the resultant affect /of science and technology.

Communication has been made faster and easier through some notable media. Message and information are not only passed across to the waiting audience, the likes of ideas, culture, norms, fashion, among other are also passed to these respective widely dispersed. Another vital medium is now powerfully on ground.

It is not any medium other than the INTERNET. It has finally made the headway even in sensitizing and communicating fashion and its rudiment to people. The internet has certainly change the way we do things the way we shop and the way we converse. More also, part of the effort of the internet in communication fashion, it has completely revolutionized our way of living. The real; knowledge of fashion world, by giving /out degrees in fashion schools.

Through internet, degrees are earned in fashion design and this makes more and more online fashion to emerge with a view to attract students. Getting your degree without actually attending school is not really a new thing. In the past, these types of learning was called correspondence studies, people who wants to earn their degree do so, by communicating with the instructor through the same internet.

The normal admission pre-requisite will be undertaken by prospective candidate’s of online fashion school mainly to find his or herself in the creative world. Once a student is been registered, the student will be sent a manual or workbook to study their subjects through other media sent by the school.

Although, the pace of learning is dictated by the student band he or she can stick to a personal schedule. This is quite convenient since most people today cannot get enough time to study. Most people who enroll in online fashion schools have jobs that they are engaged in, so they try to take all the time that they can, in order to study. What doing, is what don’t well.

This gives effect to the attribute of the internet in communicating fashion. As test are set, andanswers can be sent to the school for checking through E-mail. Some student may decided to cheat, nut the online fashion school employ the system of conducting the test under time pressure and schedule.

So that of student will not be able to cheat. Sometime an administrator may watch the student through a webcam. After completing all necessary activities and ones you have overcome nameless burdens, you will definitely receive a certification from the online fashion school.

The ones is now on you to still pass and or communicate your knowledge in fashion to others around you. Think of it! Fashion involves the creativity of the student and others ready to be informed fashionable.

Why Some Men Have No Fashion Sense

Show me a guy who is well dressed and I’ll show you a man who’s girlfriend, or mother buys their clothes. This may not be true for all the guys, but I would bet that it’s true most of the time. Most guys do not understand fashion as women do and it obvious.

When you see a guy dressed well, even if there is no influence of women, there’s a good chance the sales people have selected their clothes. You really cannot blame the poor guy for two reasons. First, men rarely watch commercials or look at fashion magazines or discuss clothes. Most men hate to shop for things they cannot find in a hardware store or sports shop.

I believe the male genes have at least 2 or 3 genes that protect them from any shopping or fashion interest. Color and style are of little interest unless the discussion is on autos, motorcycles, or barbecue grills. For a majority of men, there are three primary colors, not aspen white or dull gray winter, men just don’t see them or recognize the difference.

There can be exceptions if a guy has a lot of cash to burn but that is not based on style. If he wears an Armani suit, the chances are that he’s just shopping in a store with more expensive clothes. It’s more of a demonstration of success than of fashion sense when a guy goes designer clothes.

When most men do go clothes shopping they head directly to the section of interest and picks 2 or 3 colors of the same design. In and out in 15 minutes if possible. Most guys do not even try on clothes unless they think they may have gained or lost weight recently.

Just check out the men’s department in most stores and watch a guy buy a dress suit. If he comes to replace a worn out suit, he will go with the same color and design of the old one. If he wants a new suit, he will look for a different color (any color that is different will do). He then allows the sales person to pick out a matching shirt and tie that go with the new outfit.

This is a guy who will go to a store of sporting goods and spend two hours looking for a new fishing reel or a pair of binoculars. Look at lawnmowers for weeks and go in several different stores to check each one out. When it comes to clothing, it is inside and out in 15 minutes flat.

You can even see the difference in selections in most departments for men. They may have five or eight different types of trousers, shirts and sports coats, whatever. Glance at the section for Women and you will see acres of different styles, colors and outfits to fit any occasion. That’s because retailers understand the difference between men and women shoppers.

In fact most men do not even think Moving into new clothes unless his wife, girlfriend, mother also told him. The guys were their clothes until they fall or are completely worn out. A good example of the problem is shoes. Just look at the shoes many guys still wear way after they should be replaced and you’ll see what I mean.

Speaking of shoes, how many shoes are in most guys’ closet? Probably a pair of dress shoes, maybe two or three pairs of sneakers or the equivalent, and perhaps some sporting or climbing boots. Look in the closet of most women and you’ll see rows and rows of shoes, all styles and colors. An average guy could have up to 10 pairs in total; most women will have five times that amount.

As I mentioned, it is in the men’s genes. So women, do not blame your husband, boyfriend, or son for his lack of fashion sense. It’s not his fault. If you want him to dress better, you need to realize that you better go with him next time he goes shopping. And you may have to suggest it too.

Guidance to buy stylish clothes for women

A woman’s wardrobe is always full of their clothes. Buying stylish and fashionable dresses is one of passion among most of the women. They can’t go anywhere wearing casual and old clothes. Collecting various types of stylish clothes is one of their likings. Being stylish and fashionable is always their first priority. A woman can look stunning with stylish dresses if she knows what is trendy at present.

How to get stylish clothes for women

Generally market is full of clothes for women but all of them are not stylish. You can buy stylish clothes according to your own choice. If you have any confusion about your age or look then keep in mind that age and look can’t be the boundary for your style. Buy those clothes that you think will suit your style statement. Style is nothing but the sense of carrying the dress properly. Woman should not try those dresses which she can’t carry because that will make her look dull. Style is a way to express your personality so make sure it’s proper. One should keep in mind that, confidence is mostly important to be stylish.

Availabilities of stylish clothes for women

Women can buy stylish clothes for themselves from home with the help of online shopping. But it is important to select proper size while buying clothes otherwise it will be troublesome. Stylish women clothing are available in almost every shopping sites. But you should be sure about the quality of the product before buying it.

Types of stylish clothes for women

Varieties of stylish new clothes are always available in every season. When new fashion comes the old one gets out of fashion. To be stylish and fashionable you have to be updated with the new trend. In western dresses one can wear crop tops which are trendy in fashion now. Apart from those button-down blouses, chiffon tops are also in fashion. Style in chiffon is now mostly available in markets. Transparent chiffon tops are comfortable to wear and stylish too. One of these is a must-have in your wardrobe. Various types of rompers and jumpsuits can also be seen in the markets. Jeans and pants never go out of fashion so this should be always in the list of stylish women clothing.

Wearing style of stylish clothes for women

Every woman should keep in mind that their style is expressing their personality. So according to the occasion one should wear her clothes. She should not wear a funky style clothe in an interview rather she can use it to wear at picnic. One should wear her jewelry according to her dress. Like junk jewelry does not complement a dress like rompers. So, to be stylish, a woman should not only be properly dressed but should also maintain other things to compliment it.


Women generally are fashion conscious and fashion updated and style is always up their mind. A dress can be stylish to some women but the same can’t be attractive to other women.

Giglio Fashion Worldwide: a New Online Fashion Store

For a greater number of people online shop is a funny way to get quickly what they want in a few click. Often is also the only way to get the objects of our desires not available in our city shops.

Finally, even in Italy, we have a new great online shop dedicated to high fashion clothes and accessories: the new Giglio Fashion Store, an online Fashion Shop with a wide catalogue of Fashion items designed by the most important fashion designers… Italian fashion designers but also international!
Some examples: Gucci, Prada, Dior, Fendi, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Gianni Versace , Gianfranco Ferrè, John Richmond , Roger Vivier, Jimmy Choo, Zanotti Design, Etro, Balenciaga, Alberta Ferretti, Moschino, D&G Dolce & Gabbana, Refrigiwear, Fay, Frankie Morello, Tom Ford, Ermanno Scervino, Galliano, Iceberg, Roberto Cavalli , Tod’s, Emilio Pucci, Ermenegildo Zegna… and many other fashion brands and designers.

Women’s fashion, Men’s fashion, Children’s fashion… available 24-7-365 in this Online Fashion Shop: a dream world where satisfy your deepest fashion desires in a few click.

Visit this new fabulous Online Boutique. You will find the most prestigious High Fashion Items designed by the most prominent Fashion Designers in the world: the amazing handbags by Gucci, the fabulous Balenciaga bags and dresses, the Armani stylish clothes, Richmond rock’ n’ roll collection, D&G Dolce&Gabbana modernity and sparkling nature… take a look at the Fendi classic flavour, at the Dior and Prada wonderful clothes… Visit right now this new online brand boutique, a shop entirely dedicated to the highest fashion and designer labels of luxury. An experience not to be missed!

DSquared Clothing– Fashion Like No Other

DSquared is a brand well-known for its extraordinary collection of stylish designs that awe the rest of the world. It is well known in the international fashion scene, and to every individual who simple loves wearing designer clothes.

Humble Beginnings

Dsquared is a relatively new brand in the market founded by twin brothers Dean and Dave Caten. Although they have been in the fashion design industry for a few years (working for Diesel and Gianni Versace), they welcomed independence and put up their own designer brand only in 1994. From the day they held their first Dsquared collection for men, their popularity went full circle. In 2003, almost 10 years after, the Caten brothers released their first clothing line for women.

Part of Dsquared’s popularity stems from the fact that they are well-loved by celebrities. Think of Madonna, Karolina Kurkova, Naomi Campbell, and the likes of Ricky Martin, Lenny Kravitz and Ricky Martin. These celebrities have different styles and preferences yet they are all happy with Dsquared. This fashion brand has indeed reached a wide scope in terms of target market – men and women of all ages from different backgrounds, with different sense of styles and preferences all come together to appreciate one designer brand.

Dsquared offers a contemporary, modish, and almost extraordinary range of men clothing. This includes stylish T-shirts, trendy hoody jackets and sweaters, classic zipped up biker jackets, exciting polo shirts, and a casual to rugged range of denim shorts, denim jeans andcargo pants. For women, Dsquared offers a very enticing collection that consists of casual denims, 100% cotton shirts, stylish jackets, as well as attention-grabbing evening cocktail wear.
They also offer one of the most impressive lines of shoes for men and women. Whether you want a pair on the go or a pair of dressy shoes for those special days, Dsquared has something in store for you. Dsquared provides a wide range of choices shoes – from leather to sneakers and trainers for men, and flats, boots, pumps to sexy high heels.

This fashion brand now also offers a line of sunglasses, fragrance and even cosmetics to complete your look. Just like their clothing line, these accessories and collections are just as popular for their unmatched quality. With consumer demands increasing all over the world, it will not be surprising to see some new excellent additions to this brand in the coming years.

In just a decade and a half, Dsquared has successfully made its way to be among the top high-end fashion labels today. But what is it in Dsquared that makes it stand out in this very competitive fashion market? Dean and Dan’s tailoring elegance – a mix of Canadian and Italian styling, their sparkling attention to detail, and their passion to create and innovate without compromising quality and style – all these allow them to come up with beautiful products well-loved by the fashion-conscious worldwide. Dean and Dan Caten have also managed to add a real life touch to their creations to create an impression that these clothes were made for real people – for you.

Careers After Fashion School in urdu

If you are considering going to fashion school to become a fashion designer, you should know that there are many other career paths open to you upon graduation. Fashion designing jobs can be extremely fun and artistically gratifying. However, they are often intense and very competitive. Do yourself a favor and explore all of the career options that come with completing fashion school.People who strive to become fashion stylists have a profound knowledge of fashion, a fierce personal style and a knack for putting together complete outfits for other people. While stylists do not have to attend fashion school to become successful, it is important that they know about fabrics, prints and other technical aspects of fashion as this knowledge will affect their fashion choices Here are just a few to get you started.

■Fashion journalist – For those who have a passion for fashion and for writing as well, fashion journalism could be an even better match for you than fashion designing jobs. Fashion journalists cover industry news and trends, from runway shows to new boutiques. A job like this requires serious writing skills, a natural curiosity and a profound respect for deadlines and producing quality articles. Learning about the industry in fashion school will definitely boost your career as a fashion journalist.

■Fashion stylist – People who strive to become fashion stylists have a profound knowledge of fashion, a fierce personal style and a knack for putting togetherPeople who strive to become fashion stylists have a profound knowledge of fashion, a fierce personal style and a knack for putting together complete outfits for other people. While stylists do not have to attend fashion school to become successful, it is important that they know about fabrics, prints and other technical aspects of fashion as this knowledge will affect their fashion choices complete outfits for other people. While stylists do not havePeople who strive to become fashion stylists have a profound knowledge of fashion, a fierce personal style and a knack for putting together complete outfits for other people. While stylists do not have to attend fashion school to become successful, it is important that they know about fabrics, prints and other technical aspects of fashion as this knowledge will affect their fashion choices to attend fashion school to become successful, it is important that they know about fabrics, prints and other technical aspects of fashion as this knowledge will affect their fashion choices.People who strive to become fashion stylists have a profound knowledge of fashion, a fierce personal style and a knack for putting together complete outfits for other people. While stylists do not have to attend fashion school to become successful, it is important that they know about fabrics, prints and other technical aspects of fashion as this knowledge will affect their fashion choices

■Fashion marketer – Marketing is all about creating an image of a product or company and broadcasting that image to the consumer. The world of fashion would come to a grinding halt without fashion marketers. Much like fashion journalists, people in fashion marketing must have excellentcommunication skills. They must also know how to gain and maintain a vast set of contacts.

People who strive to become fashion stylists have a profound knowledge of fashion, a fierce personal style and a knack for putting together complete outfits for other people. While stylists do not have to attend fashion school to become successful, it is important that they know about fabrics, prints and other technical aspects of fashion as this knowledge will affect their fashion choices

The Effect of Fashion on Teenagers in School

There was a time when the concept of fashion was only in the occasions. Though, it would be pointless to compare the present generation with our generation. But I can see a vast difference between the present and the older generation. Fashion is the key word for today’s teenagers. In fact, fashion reflects even in the school students. The bags they carry, the watches they wear and the way they carry themselves involve so much of fashion. The teenagers seem to be more fashionable than the adults now. In fact they can be good trendsetters themselves. There are many teens that invent their own styles and aim at becoming an icon among their groups.

Earlier, fashion used to be found only among the affluent class of people. But now the times have changed. Now, class doesn’t matter in any way on the road to becoming fashionable. In fact, everybody is fashionable these days. We can hardly see anyone on the streets who isn’t fashion conscious. One of the many factors responsible for the spread and the craze of fashion among people so much is Television. Fashion or “style” in the colloquial language can be called contagious because people get influenced by one who already is fashion conscious. Being fashion conscious not only makes you popular among your folks but also upgrades your confidence level.

Teenagers of the present times have involved themselves so much with fashion that they don’t get sufficient time for other work. Instead of reading textbooks they prefer to read fashion magazines. They try hard to imitate the models or glam faces so as to resemblance them. The time they should spend in their studies, they spend in watching programmes on TV, reading fashion articles or finding the recent trendy clothes on the web. Unlike earlier, now the teenagers do not go out with their parents on weekends, rather they plan their outings with their friends. The prime zones for outings have now become malls for most of them because they can do a lot of shopping there apart from having fun.

Earlier children used to dream of becoming Scientists, Doctors or Engineers or even teachers, but the priority and taste of the children of these days have changed. Most of them desire to be into the glamour world. They find the fashion world better than any other job. In fact, one who is not fashion conscious these days doesn’t get much importance. One who looks trendy in the first appearance takes away all the limelight.

But it is the duty and responsibility of the parents to keep a watch over their children of whether they are using much of their time in grooming themselves or in their studies. Too much of information regarding recent trends and styles block the minds of the children and distract them from their studies. Schools also should make some strict rules to avoid using fashionable accessories within the school premises. It’s good to keep yourself updated with fashion but if interferes in your academic performance and your time, it should be avoided.

Famous Footwear Designer School Lists

Have you ever thought of becoming a shoes designer? Thus you have a chance to follow the latest vogue and fashion. While there aren’t a lot of colleges and universities that offer specific and comprehensive training in footwear design, there are some. Most of these schools also offer degrees and courses in other aspects of accessory and fashion design. Here are some of them.

The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising
With several locations in California, The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising offers advanced study in Footwear Design as part of it’s Fashion Design program. FIDM’s Footwear Design program is small and extremely focused. You won’t be learning about how to make handbags or other accessories, but you will be taught every aspect of the footwear industry during the course of this one year program.

Istituto Europeo di Design
With locations in Italy and Spain, this institute offers several other fashion design courses, including a one year course in Accessories & Shoes Design in Rome.

Located in Florence, Italy, Polimoda offers an 2.5 year intensive Design Footwear and Accessories program with a three month internship for European students. Students learn all aspects of the footwear industry, including shoe history and popular shoemaking software. Enrollment is offered to high school graduates, and class size is limited to 25 students.

London College of Fashion
The London College of Fashion offers several long and short courses in footwear design and shoemaking, including an intensive six week program called “Footwear Summer School.”

The Fashion Institute of Technology
Occupying an entire city block, FIT is located inManhattan, New York and offers one and two year associates degrees, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Accessories Design. In addition to learning shoe design and making skills, students also learn about belts, handbags and hats as part of these degree programs.

Best Ideas for Designing Plain White Tshirts

The ever changing fashion industry and the smart buyers are looking for some creative ideas. Whether it is a piece of clothing or jewellery, designer prices are preferred. The trend of personalization really changed the entire market scenario. Designer tees are the most selling products both in local and online market. It became a craze and favoured by people of all ages worldwide.

Transforming White or Plain Black Tshirts into Designer Tees:

1. Find a Concept – You have to come across an innovative idea to design the tees. You can think on it for a personalised fashion, promotional gift for a crowd funding event or similar.

2. Turn Concept to Reality – Hire a professional to sketch it on computer and give you a final view of the concept. Prefer paying experienced people as they can give you more ideas on making it attractive.

3. Review the Artwork – Get the design reviewed by some of your friends who can suggest some edits. Gather those comments and reform the design for plain white Tshirts printing again.

4. Make it Simple – Simple designs attract more people easily. Through making your design simple, you can make your tees more popular.

5. Marketable – Ensure your design is targeting to a specific group of people or market ultimately. Trough designing it for a specific reason, your idea gets more adoptability.

6. Emphasize – You have to make these tees unique and special. Through giving emphasis to a specific factor, the artwork feels lively and realistic.

7. Trending – Do not use a traditional or usual design that is not popular among your targeted people. Make it feel exclusively fresh and fashionable.

8. Fabric Selection – Cotton is the most preferred material for the printable plain black Tshirts. Since, you also have the polyester and rayon like options to make it look attractive and stand for a longer time.

9. Choose a T-Shirt Design – V-necks and round necks are most popular designs available in the market. In terms of sleeve designs, half sleeve, full sleeve, and sleeveless are some variations.

10. Colour – Most people prefer plain white Tshirts as you can print designs of many colours. Since, black, grey and red are some trendy options available for you to choose from.

11. Pick the Perfect Sizes – Tees are being available of different sizes ranging from S to XXXL. You have to review your members list to know about the ideal size to be ordered for.

12. Place Your Order – Find a reliable supplier with good selling records and aggressive pricing. Compare the quotes of multiple online retailers to get the best deal on your purchase of plain black Tshirts.

13. Print it – After getting the ordered plain white Tshirts delivered, search for a reliable printing agency. Check the pricing of multiple vendors, pick one with reasonable pricing and faster turnover.

14. Get a Sample – Before assigning the printing job of all the tees, ask for a sample piece. Check whether the printing technology is perfect or not.

15. Distribute – Now hand out the tees to the people for whom you ordered for.

The timeline of the whole T-shirt designing lets you make a stylish Tee with lots of personalization options. Be clear with your requirements and try completing the project within the budget.

Tips for Shopping Maternity Wear Online

It’s not easy to look good during pregnancy, when your dresses and finances both are getting tight. Most women face awful factor in their entire maternity as they are not aware which dress they can buy cheaply. Luckily, there are some ways to get the wow factor during pregnancy without having to raid husband’s closet for XL sizes. For instance, buying a maternity kurti is a good idea when it comes to buying new clothes during your pregnancy. However, many women’s don’t know how choose one for them. By focusing on few points it is much more convenient.

Points to be taken care of while buying maternity clothes online:

Mix and match: An impulse shopper buys whatever she likes, even if doesn’t go with anything else. Variety can spice up ladies wardrobe, but this is not the right time to fill a closet with multiple dresses. They should rather focus on a few things which can work in multiple ways. During pregnancy, choosing a few basic palettes can give versatile look.

Tighten up: Within a few months of the confirmation of pregnancy what bothers a woman is the size of the outfit they would be wearing. 90% women like baggy clothes, but bigger is not better when it comes to maternity kurtis. In fact, clingy kurtis helps in looking slimmer. It also gives chance to show off baby bump, after all fashion rules are meant to be broken.

Stay Dark: Everyone knows wearing dark shades gives the much slimmer look than lighter shades. Applying this rule during pregnancy can give desired look and also wearing a fitted dress will not make any woman feel awkward in case of any emergency if she is wearing suitable colors like black, navy blue, etc.

Watch out for lines: Horizontal lines cause eyes to look side to side hence not a good idea during pregnancy. However, kurtis with vertical lines will make women look longer and leaner. Trying vertical strips, zipper, stitching and vertical draw buttons are good option.

Choose best fabric: Softness, durability, breathability, and stretch are the few things to look for in high quality while buying maternity clothes. Natural fabric can help to get rid of hot flashes and itchiness which is common during pregnancy. Moreover, fabric should not be wrinkle free as such fabrics are treated with chemicals which are harmful for pregnant women and their babies.

Irrespective of any situation women can follow their own fashion statement. Being true to style is as essential as follows maternity kurtis curriculum. By following above guidelines shopping of maternity wear online become really easy.

Why It’s Better To Shop For Kids Clothing Online?

Online shopping has gained wide popularity over the last few years. Online shopping was first invented in the year 1979. Online shopping became popular in the western countries quite early but in India, online shopping saw the light only a few years back. With the advancement in the field of online shopping, it has become more feasible to shop online. It has become easier for those people who does not like to go on a sopping spree because they can just sit around in lousy clothes with their gadgets and could just start shopping. Same goes for the people who love to buy baby clothes online in India .

There are many advantages of buying products for your kids online:

1. You don’t have to go out of your house for shopping. Be it a hot summer day or a cold winter day, you could shop without any problems.

2. Shopping online gives you the freedom to shop for different types of baby products like shoes, clothes, accessories at one time with just opening new tabs. That saves both time and energy of going from one store to another.

3. You will not be able to notice the stuff of clothes online and you just have to go with the type that they have mentioned but now a days, almost every online shopping site has easy return and exchange policy that you can use , if you are not fully satisfied with the stuff of your kid’s clothes.

4. If you decide to try online shopping for your baby’s clothes, you will be happy to notice that there are wide variety of baby’s clothes online on different e-commerce sites. You will also be able to shop for birthday dress for baby boy online very easily.

5. There are so many payment gateways that are used for making payments but you could also opt for cash on delivery (COD) option, if you are finding it difficult to trust the website with your credit or debit cards.

6. Now as more and more sites are improving their UI (User Interface), it has become really easy to browse the products.

7. You can also easily search for the type of dress you want for your baby by just typing your query in the search box.

8. You can search for ethnic as well as western wear at one place and could easily dress your baby accordingly.

9. You could also avail heavy discounts on newborn baby clothes online during sales and via coupons that different websites offer from time to time.

Indian Dress Online: Getting Huge Applaud

The Indian designer keep on experimenting with the traditional pattern and designs to present best and exclusive hot Indian dresses including saree, salwar kameez and many more. As we know women and girls are quite conscious about their look, so always hunt for the latest and innovative outfit as soon the fashion market hit with the sizzling outfit. The innovation in the Internet technology had bought the fashion market to your doorsteps, so shopping is quite easy and simple.

Fortunately, the Indian dress online has grabbed a crucial place at the international market, offering wide range of excusive clothes and accessories in variety of matchless designs and intricate pattern. Now a days, you can choose from lavishly designed and embroidered outfit for grand functions and events. Designer saree or lehenga serve your purpose best, making you look beautiful and style diva. From heavy designer suit to simple cotton salwar kameez or short kurti to long embroidered anarkali churidar or Patiala salwar to denim legging, every stuff is tailored according to the need of women and girls.

The Indian salwar kameez is one of the ever charming outfit, which has time and again received a significant change by the creative fashion designers.  Bollywood pattern anarkali dress online is a great remark in the recent fashion scenario, where you would have noticed celebrities from Bollywood and Hollywood expressing their beauty with designer anarkali churidar.

The classic embroideries including zari, mirror, pearl work, resham work, shinning thread work, beads work and other, have attributed innovation in the Indian designer saree and lehenga. Further the perfect match of color and outstanding quality fabric such as shaded chiffons, shimmer, georgette, net, silk, tissue, jacquard and gives a royal and lavish touch to the outfit.  Some of the unique color combination that has set up the contrast fashion of outfit comprises of light fuchsia, sea green, pistachio, royal blue, white, ivory, aqua, etc. A perfect choice of colors makes your presence sparkling and lively.

Further, the Indian fashion designers have incorporated different styles to produce elegant and master piece that add elite. You can buy Pakistani dresses online at cheap prices that meet your exact requisite. Pakistani clothes are available in exquisite craftsmanship and vibrant color with the fine embroidery work, which is ideal outfit for various important traditional function. Moreover, you can buy simple cotton salwar suit for regular wear as it provide full comfort to the wearer.  Gharara, sharara, embroidered lehenga, designer saree have the complete essence of traditional dress that is tailored into stylish patterns. Look gorgeous and stylish with the perfect and classic outfit, differentiating your appearance from others.

Best Places To Shop Clothes For Women Online

E-commerce off-late has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets owing to several factors such as economic feasibility, easy conveyance, variety of options, several store option under one website, etc. From the likes of giants such as Amazon and Flipkart to Fashion centric sites such as Myntra and Koovs, the list is endless and your convenience only seems to grow. If something of this magnitude is being offered on your plate, why would you refuse to that? But to make things simpler, here’s the list of some of the best places to shop clothes for women online. They are not only the top players but also the most preferred by several just like you.

1. Myntra

Myntra offers

Myntra is a leading online retailer of lifestyle and fashion products. The app version of the website is extremely easy to navigate which makes it a favorite amongst the customers. From fantastic deals to what’s trending, this site has got it all covered! Check out exclusive range of Myntra offers available at GrabOn and save on your fashion shopping. You can shop from a plethora of options from westernwear essentials, comfortable slipons, menswear essentials, sunglasses to innerwear and more. 2.

2. Amazon

Amazon has dominated the International e-commerce market for quite sometime now. It;s fast growing popularity is a testimonial to the services and efficiency it delivers on. Like the name is structured, it really does take care of your A to Z needs. Why wait for a reason to elevate you style in a more fun and affordable way when amazon fashion sale is here. Amazon India provides hottest trends from an array of trendy clothes for men, women and kids.

This sure needs no introduction. Started in 2004, it has come a long way and there’s no looking back for it now. With a remarkable turnover which proves the customer satisfaction rate, Flipkart has truly stood out amongst its contemporaries. If you’re looking for needs which go Fashion and beyond, look no further.

Snapdeal can be safely termed as the jack of all trades in the e-commerce scenario. From local deals to amazing online discounts. This is a boon for the shoppers which makes shopping a cake walk!

Started with Mobile Recharge and Bill Payment website now Paytm sells everything from Home Decor, Clothing, Laptops to Mobile at unbelievable prices. In the short period of time since its inception, Paytm sure has come a long way. Its that mobile wallet which makes transaction so much simpler and easier. Everything at a click and fully authentic, couldn’t possibly deny a facility like that!

Men Clothing Online – With Changing the Fashion of Mens Clothes

In today’s date, even men are equally fashion conscious. Gone are those days when men found satisfaction in a pair of jeans and t-shirt or a formal trouser. Today, the fashion industry has revolutionized and numerous designer clothing items are available exclusively for men. Moreover, with the advent of the internet, the picture has undergone a huge transformation. Lots of online stores have come up with some of the top collection of items for men. These dress items are designed keeping in mind the latest trends. These are sure to win the hearts of every men sitting out there. 

Unique and Exclusive Collection:

As there are endless numbers of stores online, it often becomes difficult for a consumer to decide the right sore. However, in the context ofMen Clothing Online, it is important to remember that the store that offers the most unique and exclusive collection stands in the top list. One of the best stores makes effort in bringing up new collections in different seasons. Ranging from clothing items from the top designer brands to some other options in t-shirts, jackets and pants, these stores bring out the best for their consumers.

Available In Special Deals And Discounts:

Not all men are successful in finding the best store that can give them a reasonable deal for their purchase. With a careful and thorough research, they can surely come across a store that will deliver the best Men Clothing Online. Quality is one of the most important things that he will not have to bother even when he is getting at affordable rates. The entire trust relies on the reputation and authenticity of the store. Such a store will never compromise on the quality of the dress materials they sell. In fact, good quality clothing items are one of the major reasons for which people are attracted to buying them.

Easy To Access:

In the context of selecting an online store, it is crucial to remember that only the stores that are easy to access with their exclusive and exquisite collection acquire the highest level of popularity. Some of these clothing items can completely change the look and style statement of a person. In addition to that, the perception of how the world sees him will also change in this context. This is indeed a great achievement because when he dresses smart, he looks smarts and this creates a positive impression on his personality.

Different Clothing Options:

Needless to say there are hosts of clothing options available to a man today. Selecting the right kind of clothing is essential because it is the key element in determining his personality. Some of the best collections from some of the most popular brands under a single roof can do the work for the man who is looking for perfection. As a result, it can play a great role in satisfying his requirements and he can deck himself up in wide varieties of occasions and celebrations.

Top 10 Indian Online Shopping Sites for Clothes

The online shopping websites for clothing in India are plenty in number. You can have a remarkable shopping experience online by logging onto those websites. They offer all leading national and international brands at discounted rates. Everything from men’s, women’s, and kid’s clothes that includes tee shirts, formal shirts, casual shirts, sarees, kurtis, denims, and other fashionable clothes and apparel can be purchased online. Free shipping is offered by most of them and deliveries are done within seven days normally. These internet shopping websites for clothing in India gives you the opportunity to buy some of the topmost lifestyle brands just with the click of your mouse.

Some of the topmost online shopping websites for clothing in India are

• FashionandYou – One of the most famous shopping online site in India, famous for its quick delivery and variety of latest and trendy clothes.

• ShoppersStop – They have a unique assortment of top branded national and international brands in kid’s clothes, women’s apparel, and men’s clothing.

• Ebay India – It is the leader when it is a matter of buying online in India. They have a wide range of options for the buyers under clothes category.

• Myntra – For the latest collections of apparel and clothes for men and women as well as the kids, this is a must visit site.

• FutureBazaar – For great fashion deals, this is the most ideal site to look at. The price is affordable. Big Bazaar and Pantaloons come under it.

• Yebhi – For an uninterrupted shopping experience, is a one-stop solution offering the best of fashion and lifestyle options. You can avail superb group deals through this site.

• HomeShop18 – It is one of the best online shopping website in India. They have a free shipping facility and have an EMI facility for ICICI Bank card holders with no extra cost. They offer a wide range of clothes and apparel from the house of leading national and international fashion brands.

• Tradus – Launched in 2009, it is a very popular online shopping website where you can look out for some of the most fashionable clothes and apparel.

• Naaptol – Through this website, you can read reviews and view similar kind of products to get the best of deal. An extensive range of men’s and women’s clothes are available here that comes within your affordability.

• IndiaTimes Shopping – This is a great online shopping site with excellent deals for the potential buyers.

All these above mentioned E Commerce websites for clothing in India are user-friendly. They offer product specifications including the product price and the discounts they are offering. The image of the product gives you a clear understanding of its look. Through these shopping sites for clothing, you can even send gifts to your friends, relatives or your loved ones from one place to another.

5 Benefits of Shopping For Clothes Wholesale

Online wholesale shopping gives a great opportunity for those in the fashion industry to invest in apparel at the more cost-effective prices. With the fashion sector constantly evolving, it helps to have fast and efficient means to invest in the latest lines. Wholesale products are a great means to ensure maximum profits are realized.

Here are five of the benefits that come from investing in the last fashion using wholesale platforms:

Economical pricing

One of the major reasons to look at investing in wholesale clothing is the most attractive rates. By buying in bulk it is possible to get the economical pricing which means more end profit when selling the individual items in the store.

Also, the online wholesalers provide the most cost-effective prices because the overheads are minimal with lower rates for storage, no need to use physical showrooms, and less staff required to operate the business. Less overhead means the prices are much more attractive.

Wide choice options

Shopping at a wholesale supplier is certain to make it possible to select from a far wider selection compared to looking in the large department stores. Wholesale suppliers make is possible to pick from an endless series of color, fabric, size, and style choices.

Plus, the available products will change from time to time to match the season, which should ensure it is always possible to invest in the most up to date long sleeves dress, leggings, accessories or other clothing lines expected to be seen by shoppers.

Global suppliers

The wholesale suppliers make it possible to invest in stock that comes from nearly anywhere in the world. This makes it easier to select a preferred range or style of clothes. Plus, this gives the opportunity to invest in the unique styled items which aren’t easy to source elsewhere, especially in the local stores.


Most of the reliable wholesale outlets will be willing to accept returns on clothes orders provided there are acceptable reasons.


A great benefit of shopping for the clothing online is the convenient shopping method. Once the order has been placed, it is just a matter of waiting for the goods to be delivered to your home or store premises. Plus, a variety of shipping times and methods can be provided to ensure the products arrive within an acceptable time-frame. is an online wholesale B2B platform selling products directly to retailers who have a store or online store and only sold by the package or by the box.

5 best ways to recycle your men fashion clothes, to preserve our environment

Recycling is the process of turning used products into raw materials that can be used to make new products. Its purpose is to conserve natural resources and reduce pollution. Recycling reduces energy consumption, since it generally takes less energy to recycle a product than to make a new one.colth recycling

Recycling is the need of the hour. Recycling can be done with a lot of things. Also it is very wise to do recycling, because if you don’t do it now the whole world would suffer later on, so why not add even a bit if you can? One can recycle plastic, electronics, mobile phonesetc.

One more thing that you can is clothes. This is something that not many of us know about. A lot of us have a misconception that recycle clothes are second hand clothes, but it’s really not like that. There are many ways to recycle clothes; few of them are as follows:-

  1. In this method you have to collect post-industrial waste, cloth and scraps left over from fabric and garment manufacture, and post-consumer waste, used clothes and other household textiles. All the fabric is sorted according to type, color and grade, and then shredded into fibers. The product, known as shoddy, can, if it is of a high grade, be mixed with new fibers and then spun for weaving or knitting.
  2. You can also donate your clothes to a company that recycle old clothes and make new ones.
  3. You can also try revamping old clothes you are tired of, giving them new decorations, cutting them a bit, or combining pieces of different clothes you like and using the rest as rags or handkerchiefs, as discussed above.
  4. Sign up to participate in Freecycle or Ecofreek where you can give and get stuff for free as you wish
  5. Also one can donate the clothes to others, as there are many such people who can’t afford   to buy new ones. Or you can even have a garage sale, thus you can make some money off of your old clothes. Isn’t this an awesome way to go green and save the environment?

The good thing is that you can also recycle your oldSmartphones. If you are interested then search the internet and get the complete detail of mobile phone recycling process.

Enjoy the best arrival of latest fashion clothes this summer

The season is getting vey cold and cold winds are blowing everywhere. Summers are over, now everyone is waiting for something new. Let’s say for new arrivals clothes for the winter. The latest clothes especially for those women who always tend to be fascinated on the latest fashion trends. For them this is a golden chance and they will never miss this chance. It’s high time to pack and store all summer clothes somewhere and starts shopping for the new arrivals clothes with latest fashion trends for this autumn season.

If you are a traveler and have no notion as to where to get good deal on clothes or from where to buy new clothes style apparels, this article is of more importance to them. The latest voucher has collected lots of data In order to offer their valuable customers the best shoppingexperience. You can choose from the best brands of apparels like Allen Solly, Peter England, and United Colors of Benetton and have those attractive new clothes style collections with great discounts and any special deals for the best savings.

During every changing season we find some or the other sale going on o apparels. So with all this if you get the latest clothes that are in fashion lately and in addition at a sale like for example buy one get one free offer or get the latest fashion shirts at half the price would be a great opportunity for you to buy them. Choosing latest clothes that are in fashion is 100% the best choice for those who love clothes. By this way they can show their latest fashion trends.

Some good and branded stores who keep discount on clothes every season are Peter England, Lee and Levis Jeans for men and women. These stores offer huge stocks of latest clothing for men and women that also comprise of shoes, handbags, dresses and many more. One of the best advantages of shopping from these branded stores is that we can find both trendy and fashionable collections at a same time. This is another mechanism men usually are not aware of unless they are not shopping lovers like women. When new clothes arrive at the market they look fresh and also at a discounted rate, so purchasing latest clothing for men and women garments at a good deal can be beneficial to you.

Also consider buying clothes women during off season as you will get them at discounted prices. So if you are planning to buy winter clothes during summer and store them you can get good deal and best discounts as well on them. We often find smart shoppers wont purchase clothes during holiday seasons, but during off season. For instance we know that all outfits during Diwali or Christmas would be expensive so they will wait for the festival to complete and then buy them to avail discounts on these clothes. Sometimes we find that after any festivals there are crazy sales and discount up to 70% to 80% on all garments for bothmen and women.

Eye catching latest fashion trends for women

Today you will hardly get a lady who is not interested to buy trendy clothes and be updated with fashion. The number of fashion designers and manufacturing companies is increasingday by day to reach the growing demands of their customers. If you are also finding for some trendy clothes and accessories then this article will be helpful to you. Here you will get useful information about those things in detail and how to buy the best from the lot as well.

An overview on trendy wearing for women

Nowadays you will get various kinds of dresses available in the market. If you are comfortable with jeans and finding some appealing top then the off shoulder solid colour short sleeve top which is decorated with chain will be perfect for you. You can wear it on your short jeans and go out with your friends. Apart from this top you will get several kinds of casual upper wears like round necked t shirt with patchwork and long sleeve, loose t shirt and more. These out fits are always trendy and you will look cool in these out-fits. If you are bored with your jeans then you can try some other kinds of dresses available in the market. Short length, off shoulder, high waist dress can make you attractive and appealing. The vibrant colours of these dresses are remarkable. The backless dresses are also trendy and can rock the party. These dresses are perfect for the ladies who want to wear some dresses that are comfortable to wear and easy to carry. All of these dresses are parts of latest fashion trends for women today.

How to look trendy?

Fashion does not mean to wear a nice cloth only but it also has to be stylish, stunning and matching to the purposes and the trend. You will also have to wear some accessories with this trendy dress. Fashion changes with the season and you will get to see new arrivals in the market every day. All of these dresses are not made for everyone. You should choose a dress according to your budget, figure, choice and purpose. You should be confident about carrying it properly while buying a dress otherwise you won’t look smart however your dress is. You should wear some accessories that are perfectly matched with your dress. Shoes are very important and they should be complementary with your dress as well.

Choose the best from the lot

When you are going to buy a wearing then you will have to be conscious about the latest fashion trends for women. You should also remember some important points while buying anice dress for yourself. The material of the dress should be good enough and then you should be comfortable in the out-fit. The dress should be long lasting and easy to maintain. The texture of the cloth should be good for skin and the colour should suits on you as well. You should not compromise with the budget while buying an out-fit otherwise the material can harm your skin.

Finding the Right Custom Hangers in New York to Ensure Care of Fashion Clothing

For many, getting hangers for their fashion boutique is an ordinary thing and they do not focus on design & quality. But, hangers must be considered as an important investment in clothing care. This is especially the case for haute couture and clothing from designer brands. In fact, the right choice of display accessory might even help show off the shape of the garment when it’s worn.

Before you buy the right hangers for your fashion boutique, you need to choose the right kind. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right custom hangers in New York for your fashion boutique:

Durability: Whether at the backstage of fashion shows or displayed inside a boutique, there is no doubt that clothes on the rack will be handled on a regular basis. This means that the hangers they’re on should be able to endure frequent use as well. Under such circumstances, a flimsy product, no matter how ornate it looks, would simply get broken and become useless. So, you should look for custom hangers that are made of quality materials and offer durability.

Composition: When high-class couture is mounted on a hanger that doesn’t work well with the material, then there are high chances your clothes be ruined. Extremely thin clothes can adhere to the accessory’s shoulders if they’ve got surfaces made for added grip. Although this will keep them from slipping off completely, the garment must be handled gently to prevent damage. To allow ease of use, look for products with features that help hold the clothing properly without making it hard for the customer to handle.
Support – High-end clothes are notoriously known for being made with everything from delicate, ethereal materials, to the heaviest, luxuriously warm wool. No matter how heavy or light the garment is, consider choosing high-end hangers that are made to provide structured support. While light clothes will do best with fabric hangers that help preserve the shape of its shoulders or straps, heavier garments might benefit best with products with metal frames to help show their structure.

Size – Trying to mount a dress or a piece that is too small for a hanger can produce disastrous results since it can ruin the piece completely. On the other hand, choosing one that is too small will cause the garment to fall right off. Aside from these, perfect presentation is a must to make high-ticket items appeal to buyers. The clothes should be free from unwanted folds and wrinkles. These are more likely to happen when you are using ill-fitting display accessories.

Keeping these important things in mind will help you choose the best custom hangers for your fashion boutique that are not only easy to use, but help you present fashion clothing the right way.

How Retailers Can Buy Trendiest Wholesale Clothes in UK?

Fashion clothing suppliers need to keep themselves abreast with the latest trends in the market to survive and succeed in the industry. Fashion retailers also need to look for the wholesalers and suppliers to find the sources for buying fashion clothes at competitive prices, so they can also earn profits while offering those products in retail market. Many fashion clothing suppliers in UK nowadays prefer to buy trendy wholesale clothes from pound line suppliers in UK. These suppliers offer low cost lines to make it easy and profitable for retailers to buy fashion clothes.

Low cost lines are products offered in bulk at cheap prices by wholesale suppliers. These products are often bought by retailers to make further profit on sales when products are sold in the retail markets. Today, there are wholesalers all across UK offering discount lines to retailers.

Wholesale market in UK has been tremendously changed in the last few decades. These wholesalers nowadays employ fleets of lorry drivers to deliver goods all around the country. Many of them also offer specialized services called drop-shipping that allows retailers to buy goods from wholesalers directly delivered from the manufacturers. It allows manufacturers to make more money, while wholesalers can save on on-going costs as they don’t need to pay for warehouse charges.

Low cost lines are popular for buying daily essentials like grocery, electronic items and even fashion clothes. Pound line suppliers deal in a wide range of products to meet the varied need of its customers. If you are looking for fashion clothing at the best prices, it is recommended to look for renowned and reputed pound line suppliers in UK.

Pound Line suppliers usually stock a wide range of products to be distributed among pound shops, specialist stores, retailers etc. They generally carry a wide variety of wholesale fashion clothing for men, women and children. Many of them carries a great selection of items suitable as pound lines including gardening gloves, licensed socks, neon magic glove, leg warmers, sports insoles and lot more. Nowadays, it is possible to easily order online and get your products delivered to their store or warehouse.

Pound line suppliers usually offer quality goods at low prices to importers, wholesalers, pound shops, distributors, e-bay sellers, amazon sellers, market traders, agents & various other retailers.

In the last few decades, there has been increase in the competition in the industry. This is forced pound line suppliers to constantly improve and increase the stock lines to increase their customer base and overall sales.

Most of the reputed pound line shop suppliers offer their products online to assure easy, secure and fast delivery of all the products. It is easy for retailers to create their profile on the website of pound line suppliers and avail several discount deals and incredible bargains.

Pound lines are great platforms for retailers to find the bargain deals on almost everything. These low cost airlines have proven to be beneficial for all including consumers, wholesalers and fashion clothing retailers.

Rejuvenate your old clothes with 5 Fashion Hacks

As fashion changes as seasons it is essential to update and refashion your wardrobe. You don’t have to throw your clothes, instead you can bring creativity in your old dresses and create a fashion statement.  Few tips to revamp old clothes and give a jest of life to them.

Georgette hand work orange semi stitched lehenga

  • After you buy designer lehenga choli, you don’t get the chance to wear it often. And just stacking your favorite lehenga in your wardrobe would do no good. So, you can bring innovations to your lehenga choli by tailoring it perfectly into stylish anarkali suit. You can stitch the blouse and lehenga together and wear a jacket over it and refashion into jacket style anarkali suit.
  • You can even cut your full length lehenga into knee length skirts and see the way your friends will take cue from your aesthetic senses. Also the heavy dupatta of the lehenga choli can be transformed into a trendy and intricate kurti. This splendid kurti you can team up with your old patiala salwar. This way the kurti will be the highlight of your outfit.
  • If you are bored of your old salwar suit. You can reform the kameez into stylish halter top or cropped top. This cropped top you can mix and match with your old lehenga and create a new outfit. Being creative is synonym to being fashionable. Buy designer salwar suits online for wedding and other happy functions, as the salwar suits have latest designs.
  •  If bored with designer salwar suit combo look then you can match your designer kameez with your jeans or straight pants and bring an enhanced look. You can also convert your long sleeve kurti into different cut sleeve such as puff sleeve, short sleeve or quarter sleeve which will improve the old kurti sleeve into new style kurti sleeve. Also you can dye your plain dupatta in different color and bring a new look to your dupatta. You can also use your dupatta as stole and drape around your neck in different styles.
  • To bring contemporary look to the floor length anarkali suits, you can buy embroidery work jacket and wear it over your anarkali suit. This way your suit will serve dual purpose- anarkali suit as well as layered lehenga. Also you can fashion your saree into gorgeous anarkali suits. You can stitch your rich looking nine yards silk saree into ravishing flared anarkali suits which will give a refreshing look. You can transform your sari into various unique outfits such as skirts, ethnic palazzo pants, maxi dress.

With cuts and styles you can alter your kurti into a stylish western dress. This way you will add an appeal to your wardrobe. Shop online to buy latest designer salwar suits online.

These designer suits have mesmerizing designs and work which accentuates the look of the person. Among designer salwar suit, patiala salwar suits are very famous. Patiala Salwars are generally 3 to 3.5 meters in length and with this length you reform the salwar into trendy kurti. Surprised? Yes, you can remove the stitches of your salwar and ask your tailor to style up into authentic kurti with fashionable neck patterns and sleeves.

Buy from the best Pakistani clothes and fashion dresses collection

Pakistani clothes are known around the world for the culture it carries in them. They are different from the ones that are available around the world. Like every other fashion around the world the Pakistani fashion keeps on changing with time and reason which different versions of beautiful salwar kameezes can be seen adorned by the women in Pakistan. There are various kinds of salwar kameez that are worn by the women of Pakistan and reason which they tend to keep on changing. In this segment we will bring about the fashion wear and clothes of the Pakistan that you can wear in all the occasions.

The best collection:

When it comes to the collection that is offered by the Pakistani clothes the first thing that comes up in the mind is the salwar Kameez collection. They are totally different from the other kind sof salwar kameez that is available elsewhere. The best part of the Pakistani clothes and fashion dresses collection is that they bring about some of the eye-catching designs that you will see anywhere else. The designs such as dabka, thread work and stone works are very famous when it comes to the Pakistani clothes and fashion dresses collection.The clothing are made on various kinds of fabrics such as satin, cotton, crepe, georgette, silk and many more. One thing that is must when you look for their salwar kameez collection is the prints that they offer. These prints are unique and aren’t much repeated in the next set.

Why they are so popular in the west?

The west has been inclined towards the Pakistani wear for a particular time and reasons of such inclination are simple.

  • The Pakistani clothes are easy to wear and very comfortable. The Pakistani clothes are made keeping in mind the hot weather of the region and they are loosely fitted which means any person of any weight and body type can wear them without any worry.
  • They are full of elegance. The best part of wearing Pakistani wear and reason which they being intensely famous in the west are because the dresses are elegant and come in various kinds of colors. You can at any given point of time choose the fabric that suits your skin and the type.

The Pakistani dresses such as salwar kameez are available in two different forms such as stitched and unstitched. The stitched come in free sizes but if you want to make the salwar kameez according to your choices then the unstitched material are the best ones to get.

There are various online concerns that offer such Pakistani clothes to the people all around the globe and the ones who are interested in wearing the same. If you too are among those who wants to adorn the Pakistani style and fashion statement then it is best to look for the companies that is available in the web based world who offers all kinds of Pakistani wears for their customers.

Buy Fashion Clothes Online From Rimyrah

Online shopping is a leading trend. Countless buyers purchase thousands of products through several online stores all across the world. With the increase excess of the Internet and development of Information and Communications Technologies(ICTs), the number of online buyers and seller increased drastically. Today, people can buy everything online, from clothes to groceries and from furniture to electronic items.  There are several e-commerce stores which offer variety of products online at highly attractive prices and with great delivery options. Online shopping for clothes and apparels is one of the most common form of online shopping. Thousands of people buy clothes for women, men and even for kids through several online clothing stores in India.

There are many benefits of buying clothes online. Some of these advantages are:

Convenience: You don’t need to visit the crowded market for buying the best outfit for yourself.  With online shopping, you can buy your desired clothes while sitting in the comfort of your home or office or from anywhere, regardless of the geographical distance between the buyer and the seller.

Great deals and discounts: Online stores offer great deals and discounts than the offline retail stores on various occasions like festivals, new year and other celebrating times of the year.

Better pricing: You get better product pricing on online stores as compared to the several other retail shops and local markets.

Price comparison: You can easily compare the price of a particular on various e-commerce sites before making the actual purchase without making much effort. Where as, in the case of offline shopping, going to different shops to find out the best possible price requires plenty of time and energy.

No time boundations: In online stores, you can make the purchases according to your convenient time. You need not to worry the closing time of the market or the shop. Online stores are always open.

Rimyrah is one of the best online clothing storesfor women in India. The store offers a wide range of fashion wears for women at highly economical prices. It is one of the budget online clothing stores for women, which has products of different price ranges, starting from Rs. 1299. So, if you are looking for most pocket-friendly online clothing stores for women, then Rimyrah is your perfect shopping destination. Being the best online clothing stores for women in India, the store offers the best in quality products which ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

One piece dress  is one of the latest clothing trends among women. If you are looking for your dream one piece dress for any upcoming occasion, Rimyrah can be the best place to buy your desired one piece dress. For buying beautiful one piece dress from Rimyrah, visit now.

Men Clothing Online – With Changing the Fashion of Mens Clothes

In today’s date, even men are equally fashion conscious. Gone are those days when men found satisfaction in a pair of jeans and t-shirt or a formal trouser. Today, the fashion industry has revolutionized and numerous designer clothing items are available exclusively for men. Moreover, with the advent of the internet, the picture has undergone a huge transformation. Lots of online stores have come up with some of the top collection of items for men. These dress items are designed keeping in mind the latest trends. These are sure to win the hearts of every men sitting out there. 

Unique and Exclusive Collection:

As there are endless numbers of stores online, it often becomes difficult for a consumer to decide the right sore. However, in the context ofMen Clothing Online, it is important to remember that the store that offers the most unique and exclusive collection stands in the top list. One of the best stores makes effort in bringing up new collections in different seasons. Ranging from clothing items from the top designer brands to some other options in t-shirts, jackets and pants, these stores bring out the best for their consumers.

Available In Special Deals And Discounts:

Not all men are successful in finding the best store that can give them a reasonable deal for their purchase. With a careful and thorough research, they can surely come across a store that will deliver the best Men Clothing Online. Quality is one of the most important things that he will not have to bother even when he is getting at affordable rates. The entire trust relies on the reputation and authenticity of the store. Such a store will never compromise on the quality of the dress materials they sell. In fact, good quality clothing items are one of the major reasons for which people are attracted to buying them.

Easy To Access:

In the context of selecting an online store, it is crucial to remember that only the stores that are easy to access with their exclusive and exquisite collection acquire the highest level of popularity. Some of these clothing items can completely change the look and style statement of a person. In addition to that, the perception of how the world sees him will also change in this context. This is indeed a great achievement because when he dresses smart, he looks smarts and this creates a positive impression on his personality.

Different Clothing Options:

Needless to say there are hosts of clothing options available to a man today. Selecting the right kind of clothing is essential because it is the key element in determining his personality. Some of the best collections from some of the most popular brands under a single roof can do the work for the man who is looking for perfection. As a result, it can play a great role in satisfying his requirements and he can deck himself up in wide varieties of occasions and celebrations.

Get the all-round Fashion clothes for women to enhance the beauty

Women love to wear clothes, clothes of various varieties and look. You might have often seen that in spite of the fact that a woman’s wardrobe is full with clothes they tend to feel that those are not enough. With the changing times and fashion the style in clothes and look tend to change. This is when the fashionable clothes for women come in to play. These kinds of clothes are made to look good on them.

The types of fashionable clothes that is available:

When it comes to the fashion clothes for women then there are so many options to choose from. The Clothes that the women tend to wear are made to keep in pace with the ever changing fashion scenario and this is the reason that choice of clothes for women change in every season. But still there are fashion clothes for women that are always in demandirrespective of the time. be it the 70’s or the 80’s or even the present 2015 dungrees are among those kinds of clothing that is available for women that has been in the fashion for a long time now.

Also a little black dress or a crop top is equally in demand for the choices that it offers. You can choose from the wide variety and designs and also look when it comes down to such clothing. There are various options in the top section which you can choose which change but not that much. This present age offers dresses and clothes that are unique and looks good on women of all kinds of figures such as the maxi dress. Such dresses are available in all the markets are very popular among the customers.

If you have been thinking of trying the maxi dresses then you definitely should because such dresses are made in such a way that they can change the look in seconds of wearing them. But it is essential on the part of the individual to find an appropriate company so as to buy such clothing especially on the internet.

Choosing the company:

There are several companies that you can find in the internet world and all these companies make it a point to offer the best to the customers. The company makes sure that they are in fashion and whatever they offer are the best for the customers. The website that such companies have, displays the collection and by going through the collection you can decide on the clothes that you want for yourself.

But it is up to as a customer to decide as to which company to go with from so many options that are available in the market. You can do your research on the company and then only decide whether to go with them because always remember that this is company that sells clothes and when it is about clothes then quality is all that matters which can change the whole equation.